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October 15, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Finally! I get a day off from the regular working world and have a day to me where I can just relax and rest. ...

October 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

As you all probably already know we`ve been doing small updates around our home as we have the time and money. One thing we ...

October 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

We are finally getting some relief from all the hot weather here in the south. The problem? When it starts cooling down we tend ...

September 18, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

You’re on an elevator, at the movies, in the gym, in line checking out at the grocery store with your kids…..and the ...

September 23, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Are you looking for a nice gift to get your significant other? Maybe a birthday or getting ready for the holidays? Well you ...

September 27, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Noxicareâ„¢ Natural Pain Relief is a breakthrough natural, patented pain relief formula that is a proprietary combination of 7 of ...

October 02, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Ok, wow, is it too late for me to switch out the items I selected to review? Not because of the quality of the ...

October 02, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

If you host giveaways, here`s some of my favorite sites to check out to share your giveaways. They`re all free of course! And those ...

September 04, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Toe Juice? What the heck is that?!? In 1970, Royce Garner, a high school science teacher in Boise, Idaho, produced his first batch ...

September 05, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Am I the only one who finds themselves snacking a lot more than necessary while watching TV or on the computer? What`s worse is ...

September 14, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Thanks to my best friends/bridesmaids during my wedding I only got more into make up! I still don`t wear it often, but I`m ...

August 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Do you have a problem with an odor coming from your fridge? I`m happy to report we have yet to encounter that problem and ...

August 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

More than 5 million children in the United States take stimulant medication to treat ADHD. Yet, there is no objective method of ...

July 31, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I have a new children`s DVD release that may interest you! Just this month Phase 4 Films released a new movie called Freddy Frogface! ...

August 09, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I`ve never been much into head bands. I find that the ones that just sit on your head (kind of a U shape rather ...

August 09, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

How many of you remember Raggedy Ann or even owned one of her dolls? I remember her and I used to have a couple ...

July 23, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

  Are you having a hot summer? Don`t spend your summer worrying about embarrassing, underarm sweat stains! Instead, get 72-hour sweat protection from Certain Dri ...

July 23, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Not so long ago, no one thought about wearing sunscreen. Sure, there were early studies on the dangers of UV rays, but it ...

July 25, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I have to admit, having a little girl is much fun. They are easier to shop for, the love to go shopping, dressing up ...

July 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

The summer is scorching (already)! Are your nooks and crannies ready for the heat? Let Anti Monkey Butt Powder be your first line ...

July 19, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I love flowers, but with this summer heat it`s a bit hard to keep all the beautiful flowers blooming. Not to mentions it`s ...

July 03, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Do you love doing household chores? I know I don`t! I`ve been getting lazy with it since it seems like day after day I`m ...

July 05, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Millions of women each year are prone to recurrent UTIs (three or more in a 12-month period) but did you know a ...

July 05, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Active kids? Rainy days? Don`t know what to do? Get a Cardboard Playhouse from Cascades Boutique that`s what! Not only did they send me ...

June 30, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

How many of you love to floss your teeth? I know I don`t! In fact, it`s one of my least favorite things. I`d rather ...

July 01, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

As most of you know we have recently purchased our first home. We`ve been working hard to make everything to our taste and style, ...

June 12, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Well this review couldn`t have come at a better time! Today I just had a few fillings done at the dentist. Those aren`t ...

June 14, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Down here in the south we have what we call Hurricane Season. It runs from June 1st until November each year. This is ...

June 15, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Father`s Day is Sunday. Goodness, I hope you all aren`t doing last minute shopping for those Father`s Day gifts! I already got mine ...

June 18, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

How many of you love funny things? I love to laugh, whether I`m seeing a funny picture pop up on my facebook news ...
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