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If you are in the market for the most amazing smelling candles and wax melts then you definitely want to check out Country Scent Candles! They have strong fragrances that legit fill up the rooms in your home. Best of all, they are all FREE to join!! No website fees!
Country Scent Candles, Country Suds, and Country Naturals are all the same "sister" company, however, each have their own main focus for different products. Each of them also offers a 25% discount for anyone who chooses to join them (it's free to join, no fees at all, I just use them for their discount). I posted where you can grab the candles and such below:
Sells candles, wax melts, warmers, essential oils, diffusers, etc.
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Sells bath bombs, lotions, soaps, beard oil, etc.
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Sells CBD oil infused products (legal in all 50 states!)
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