For all my couponers, if you`re unsure what to do with your expired coupons, please check my post here. I just wanted to remind everyone who didn`t know, instead of throwing away these unused coupons, to send them to military bases to help military families. They can use the coupons for up to 6 months after they expire. This send off I chose to send mine to:

Grafenwoehr, Germany (Army Base)
ATTN: Nicole Harmon
CMR 415 BOX 5303
APO, AE 09114


Oct. 2010: From the base... "I am trying to get a coupon group started here, but am having trouble getting started due to a decisive lack of coupons!  If you could add our group to the list I would be extremely grateful and appreciative. I am so very thankful for people who are willing to help!"

I always randomly pick a place to mail them. If you need to know where you can send yours please check my post where you`ll find out where you can get the list of bases who are accepting these coupons. Where are you sending yours?