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Ok, so I have some good news and some bad news. I had received a comment notification this morning mentioning that since I had added the scissors post divider that the posts themselves were not readable. Of course on Firefox everything appears perfectly fine and as it should. So I checked on Internet Explorer and as usual that`s where my problems were. Ever since I got involved with fixing up my templates and making things "fancy" I noticed nothing seems to work quite right with Internet Explorer and every time I try to find some sort of fix so my IE fans can still enjoy the content, I basically run into a brick wall. Well today I dug and dug. My page is now at least readable through IE, but it`s still not as it should be. At first glance it looks right. It looks completely correct while it`s loading, then when the page load is complete it is off track. What do I mean? Well here`s some examples: In Firefox my page looks like this:




Notice, the drop down menus -- they drop down as they should. The post background is white. Everything is in tact.  In Internet explorer my page comes out like this:



As you tell the background is now gray, images with the white ground stand out like a craft project gone wrong, and the drop down menu just looks goofy. And THIS is the IMPROVED page. Before the drop down menu looked squared, layered, and didn`t drop down or allow you to click and go anywhere. Also, in posts scissors (the image the divides my posts on the main page) cluttered within the post itself making it where you couldn`t read. Why does this happen? Simply because it`s the least compatible browser when it comes to web coding standards, not to mention that it uses more of your CPU power than the other browsers. From a web designer’s perspective, there are few things more frustrating than having to make your websites compatible across several different browsers, especially when Internet Explorer needs special tweaks and hacks just to get it to function “similarly.” Why do I say similarly? Because as of right now it doesn`t appear to have any way to make it function exactly as it should or like other browsers when it comes to fixing up your web page. The reason I prefer firefox is because it`s available on both PC and Mac, requires less CPU than IE, and adheres to all the web standards. Trust me, your web browsing experience will get faster, cleaner, and more consistent in quality. Until IE launches a completely compliant version, you should seriously consider using a different browser. The differences at first will be subtle, but in time you’ll realize you’ve been missing out.

Which browser do you prefer and why?

If I hadn`t made it obvious I am all for Firefox. Internet Explorer is only good for a few things.All in all, Firefox is safer than IE and provides LOTS of features IE can`t give. It also works best for web designing when in comparison. Other than that, I hope you all have been enjoying the updated look and all the new posts of the new year! I`m grateful to have you all as my fans and readers, so for that, Thank You.

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