Hey Guys! It`s my birthday - woo hoo! I turned 29 and look forward to enjoying my day after getting a bit of work done. As all of you may know, I`ve been working on fixing up my website. Yes, you see the new design that we have, but we are working from moving from WordPress to Joomla. Why? My website is too large for WordPress to handle. I love WordPress, but even with having posts delete after they expire, it`s just not enough. This move is quite expensive as you can imagine. We`re looking at maybe in the next couple months being moved over. The wonderful team over at 911 WebSite Repair are working hard and kindly working with me to get my site stable - as we have been trying to do for over a year now. I never like to ask for anything, but if you guys are in any position to help with this expensive move (I don`t even want to say how much it is), I`d appreciate a donation through PayPal. If you`re kind enough to send something, please put a note to say "Happy Birthday" so I know what it`s for. I`d love to thank you - unless you request not to. Any amount is appreciated to help with this progress. Thank you all so kindly for being a fan and for any donations in advance. Please click the donate button below to send a birthday donation or click here.