Everyone please beware of this site!! I was contacted by ( in regards to making a blog post about their web site. They wanted me to post about coupons and such. As many of you know I do this sort of advertising as either paid or as a product review. I mentioned I`d be happy to post, which item would I be reviewing? When they realized that I would not be making the post they wanted they began sending nasty emails.


I took screen shots of the emails and will continue to do so and I am posting them on here to warn others of. Yes, I wrote negative reviews of them on other sites (where they only have 3 starts to begin with) due to the unprofessional manner they present. I would be embarrassed to have such workers for a company. So please spread the word about this company. Remember, they sent the email in contact with me first, I did not contact them for the review. So this began as an original spam message to begin with. The email address associated with the account it`s being sent from is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wasn`t going to post anything at first, but since it was continuing on I believe a fair warning to others is necessary. I do not take well to threats and harassment, especially when it`s YOUR company spamming me.


First Email where she contacted me first:


This was my reply thinking she was interested in a possible review or paid advertising:


She then replies with these links - to me this shows accepting wanting a review.


So again I reply about which item I would be receiving:


This is where they begin to get a bit nasty. I wasn`t going to write a post, simply make a response.

  I mentioned how I know the FTC guidelines (Hello, I`ve been doing this for how long as have other blog sites!)


Then she began to get very rude and nasty:


  I make mention how I`m saving and taking screen shots of the conversation where I will be letting others know about the company:   Screenshot_21

She replies again:


I tell her not to contact me again or I`ll be making reports for harassment.

Here I mention to stop making contact since she was being harassing  

I will keep you all updated, but BEWARE! This is how they treat someone who doesn`t want to just make a post for them! I never spoke to these people prior to these emails. Imagine how they must treat their customers!