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I'd love to tell you all that I'm magic and can have late nights and early mornings, but truth be told, I have my own morning routine. Here is a little peak inside how my mornings generally go.... 
I wake up, grab my coffee, stare at the computer screen like a zombie for a bit and only then do I begin to start doing some work! So my coffee of choice? I use a variety of brands, but after actually reviewing Volcanica some time ago, I found I really am in love with them compared to other brands. Since I am also a Harry Potter fan, I figured I'd make my mornings just a bit more magical. So here's my latest coffee morning trend:
I grab my large 14oz Mischief Managed coffee mug (which is dedicated to only my coffee and even at 14 oz I need several cups!) and I add my sugar to the bottom of my cup, then use my small stainless steel heart spoon (also dedicated just for my coffee routine) to add a small =scoop of the amazing Butter Beer caramel sauce I found on Etsy. By the way, did you know that you can get cash back for all your purchases on Etsy through TopCashBack?! Yea, finding that out made my Etsy addiction a lot worse than it already was!
Well, while the caramel is still on the spoon, I add in the Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Valcanica to my reusable Keurig pod (since I use a Keurig machine) and let it drip in. Once done, mix it all up, add a dash of milk and yummy! If I have it on hand, I'll also add whipped cream for extra yummy goodness! Plus, the milk cools it so it's ready to drink instantly and I can sip and begin my day and be (mostly) socially responsive!

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How do you start your mornings? Let me know in a comment below!