If you’ve EVER thought about getting a Sam’s Club membership – this week is the BEST time ever to bite the bullet… because it’s basically FREE!

For a super limited time – you’ll pay $45 for a 1-Year Sam’s Club membership (that’s the normal cost)  – but you’ll immediately get back ALLLLLL of this craziness:



1 ) $25 Sam’s Club Gift Card

2) FREE Daily Chef Double Crust 12? Apple Pie ($8.87 value)


3 ) FREE Rotisserie Chicken 

4 ) FREE Steakhouse Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes 

(HELLO – easy dinner!  They load these food freebies right onto your card – so you just go in and toss them in your cart and they ring up *FREE*!) newmemberpack

5 ) $100 in Savings coupons to use at Sam’s 

6 )  And even a PLUS membership upgrade

*Which means you’ll get curbside pickup, have exclusive early shopping hours, and earn cash rewards ($10 back for every $500 you spend on gas and other things)


After your $25 Sam’s Giftcard, around $20 in Free Food (Um – that already pays you back your $45 for the membership purchase!), those new members coupons and aPlus upgrade – you basically are getting your membership for FREE! You have to use this specific link to see this offer – and it’s only available for a short time, so don’t miss out!  

 This is only offered one or two times a year, while supplies last. If you’ve been considering a Sam’s purchase at all, this is definitely worth checking out! Head on over HERE to get yours.
Note that this is valid for NEW MEMBERSHIPS ONLY or ones that have been expired for at least 6 months.
Go HERE to get yours.

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