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It's wild that Thanksgiving is already over. The fall is slowly drawing to a close, and hold as we might, the first brisk season is almost gone.

For this reason, we are discussing ways to keep calm during a stressful time to enjoy being with the family problem-free. However, we can't promise these pointers will rid the fight over the last slice of pie...For that, you're on your own. 

Let's dive in and cover mental and home prep to make this holiday season a success!


Declutter And Dive In 

This seems like a no-brainer, but to save a headache, declutter before you dive into cooking. While eyes may be rolling, think about how many times the pepper has gone missing or that favorite pan to cook in is dirty...It happens. So, to make sure it doesn't happen, we suggest laying all the cookware, cutlery, and seasonings you need out the night prior to cooking for the holiday. You can sleep knowing you're one step ahead for prepping the family's feast!


Gratitude Cards

We are big on incorporating gratitude into all things. Instead of going straight into eating, try something else: on each guest's plate place a blank card with a pen. Encourage them to write something about the person to the left of them and pass the card when finished. You'll strengthen the family bond and set the tone for a more grateful dinner. 


Side of Scents 

Is any good gathering complete without some cheerful aromas in the air? We have to argue no. While your home is sure to smell of delicious foods, add the following blend to a diffuser in your bathroom to delight guests with holiday scents everywhere they go!

+ 3 Drops Fir Needle 100% Pure Essential Oil ($4.39)

+ 2 Drops  Holiday Cheer Essential Oil ($5.19)

+ 1 Drop Myrrh 100% Pure Essential Oil ($5.59)

There you have it, 3 ways to ensure a great holiday season! How are you celebrating? Tell me below!