Many modern people dream about great popularity: some of them want to become rock-stars, others – famous actors. Other persons who have a literary talent dream to be authors known all over the world. Thus, if you are one of them and have ideas for novels-writing, this article by would be useful for you.

Tips for Novel Creation

So, what steps should you take to compose a paperback? They are as follows:

1.    Read classics. It seems not quite evident, but reading of classic literature can make your writing skills better. For instance, you may turn to novels by O’Henry who is considered the best American short story writer and one of the classics of this genre in the world.

2.    Collect your ideas. Certainly, unfledged authors have many new, captivating ideas that is why try to put all of them together and analyze. Acting in this manner, you may notice that there are too many ideas to include in one story. So, revise them.

3.    Opt the general line. This point is closely connected with the previous one. Maybe you have too many ideas, so, it is better to divide them into several series somehow. Choose one which is the closest to you.

4.    Define the setting. It is also important to define the location where the action will take place. Think whether it would be a real world or something from your fantasy. This matter is crucial for further development of a plot.

5.    Describe the characters. Decide how many figures in the story you want to have. Describe all of them. Look what place each of them would take in the fiction. Decide who will be the main characters, and who will take the roles of supporting ones. Get rid of odd characters.

6.    Create the plot. Try to embody one of your ideas into the basis of the plot and tell about it to the readers in some interesting way. This approach builds the whole text of your paperback.

7.    Put down an outline. Even professional writers make outlines. Thus, if you have a short plan in front of you, it will be easier to state your thoughts in a written form.

8.    Make a draft. It is impossible to create a good piece of fiction without any draft. So, be ready to put down many drafts because you can have a desire to change some events or to create a new plotline.

9.    Practice. Writing is a difficult skill and it needs everyday practice. It is impossible to become an experienced author without practice. So, you must compose texts every day, even if they don’t connect with the plot of your novel. Do it just for fun and practice.

10.  Edit the final variant. Reread your creation and try to edit the work. Pay your attention to coherence of the plot itself. It goes without saying that you should like your own story – in this case, the audience is likely to like it, too.

11.  Try to publish it. Nowadays there are many opportunities to publish your literature works somewhere in the Internet, for example. Thus, you can not only send your piece of art to different publishing houses, but also upload it to special literature sites.

Following this short and simple plan, you are doomed to become a new literature star!