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 One thing I never seemed to have been getting enough of was sleep. I never really thought about it to be honest. Some days I would be full of energy while other days I would just feel exhausted without explanation. I figured it was sort of normal. I`m a stay at home mom. I homeschool, blog, and keep the house up. So I figured that the busier days would just catch up with me. Well, ever since I got the Amazfit Moonbeam, though, I`ve actually been using it every day - all day, both day and night. Now, normally I don`t do "follow up" sort of posts unless it`s something discussed with a sponsor, but this isn`t all about the tracker. So bare with me here. Of course, if you`re interested in my review of the Amazfit Moonbeam Activity Tracker and would like to enter my giveaway that is ending in a couple of days, you are definitely more than welcome to do so.
 As I was saying though, I`ve been using the tracker and one of the features of this watch is that it tracks your sleep activity. Not just how long you sleep, but how well you sleep. You get a sleep score and it also tells you how long you slept and how long you were in a deep sleep for. Now, this is not necessarily 100% accurate down to the second but it`s pretty darn close and makes sense. You see, the average person should get 2-3 hours of deep sleep per night and roughly 8-9 hours of total sleep to be well rested. Too little sleep or too much sleep can really drain you - and that`s what I found was happening to me. My deep sleep shows on average I get 20-45 minutes of deep sleep per night with an average of only 5 hours of sleep per night - Yikes! So that explains a lot and not something I had really thought about until actually using the tracker. Once I noticed the pattern I decided to make a few small changes. I`m the type of person who will stay awake and do blogging then lay in bed and scroll on facebook while watching TV for a few hours. That`s a no, no. I mean, I don`t just instantly fall asleep. My husband can lay in bed and fall asleep in under a minute. Me, on the other hand, no matter how exhausted I am, needs time to fall asleep. So here`s what I`ve done to change my routine a slight bit... While I may stay up a little later to catch up on some blogging when it`s necessary, I try to give myself a cut-off time of when to get off the computer. There`s always exceptions, but for the most part, it`s been working. Basically, if I completed my "must complete" tasks I set for myself for the day, I can get off at designated time. Once I lay in bed, I can scroll through social media, but again, I have a deadline. At the very least, I have a cut off time for the TV. I hate sleeping all day, I like being up early, but hate going to bed early. Basically, if I could stay awake and never sleep - I probably would. So what`s my cut off time? For me, no later than 12:30am. Even if I`m not feeling very tired, I just get in a comfortable position and try to relax. When there`s a lot on your mind this can be difficult, but try and think of boring things. It takes some effort, but it has actually been working for me! If I just leave the TV on rather than turning it off, I may be watching TV hoping to fall asleep until 3am then I end up sleeping half the day and just feel frustrated!
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Another thing I find that helps relax me is drinking some hot tea. While I love all sorts of tea, my tea of choice when I just want to wind down and relax is Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea. I like the flavor and find it does help to overall get me in a more relaxed mood to settle down and be away from work and household duties.
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Also, I enjoy using essential oils and for bedtime, I find having a relaxing scent helpful to unwind. Of course, every essential oil plays its role in various things. For example, lemon essential oil, when used in a diffuser is known to help boost your energy level. So if you`re trying to relax, you should avoid the lemon oil. However, lavender essential oil is known to relax you. There are also special sleep blends of essential oils for just that purpose as well.
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The final suggestion is to make sure you have a quality mattress, such as the ones from 1800mattress, and pillow. My husband and I sank some money into one of those foam fancy mattresses and it ended up hurting our backs more than helping. At first, laying on it as our bodies sank in felt luxurious. Then, after we had actually gotten married and went on our honeymoon, we slept on a very firm (rock hard feeling) mattress.
At first we were like "O.M.G. this is going to suck!" We quickly realized, though, that we both slept great and didn`t wake up with any aches and pains. So we finished paying off that mattress and bought us a new one and have not had back pains from the bed every since. The best part? The new mattress we fell in love with was under $500!! As far as the pillow goes, a cooling pillow feels absolutely amazing to lay on and actually works great if you get the right one! So overall, a good pillow, hot cup of tea, relaxing essential oils plus using an activity tracker to monitor your sleep habits - you should be ready for a good nights sleep and be able to track your progress as to what`s working for you. I cannot guarantee that what worked for me will work for you, but I figured I would share what has made a difference for me. It sure beats using sleep aid pills, that`s for sure! Find where your sleep issue lies then from there you can make adjustments to your routine and get on your way back to a better sleep! Have a better sleep tip? Share it in the comment section below!  
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