Grayscale Photo of 2 Silver With Diamond Rings

When you are in the market for engagement rings, you will find that there are endless options at your disposal. It is very easy to get confused due to the variety in the market. A quick survey will show you tons of modern twists to the classic options, reinvented vintage style engagement rings and even sapphire engagement rings that have been inspired by Princess Kate. The best way to choose an engagement ring is to first classify them into different types and select the type that works for you. Some of the engagement ring styles you will find are outlined below:


  • Classic Engagement Rings

They are classic for a reason, right? The beauty of these engagement rings is that they are thin, simple and have just one dominant center stone. The halo engagement rings might be regarded as a modern trend, but the elegance they exude is something that’s only been seen in classic-style rings.


  • Glamorous Engagement Rings

Yes, you can also find glamorous engagement rings for the more bold. The beauty of these rings is that they are more intricate and detailed than any other type you can find. Moreover, they are also noticeably large as compared to the different engagement ring styles available. This doesn’t just mean the center stone; this refers to the whole ring including halos, side stones, shank or band and everything else. Glamorous three-stone rings are immensely popular nowadays.


  • Vintage Engagement Rings

These engagement rings are for those who like things with a rich history. Therefore, vintage engagement rings are also fairly detailed like glamorous ones. But, rather than focus on the shine, the detail is more a reflection of the time period that the vintage engagement ring belongs to. For instance, the engagement rings inspired by Art-Deco are angular and geometric whereas the ones that have been modeled after the Art Nouveau period are more delicate and flowery.


  • Modern Engagement Rings

If you are searching for modern engagement rings, you will discover that they are available in all shapes and sizes. That’s the beauty of modern jewelry; all styles and shapes can be made to work easily. Some of the common features of modern engagement rings are bezel settings, cable bands, split shanks and hints of color.


  • Unique Engagement Rings

Perhaps, the best part about unique engagement rings is that they offer creative freedom. Since they are supposed to be unique, they can be found in different designs, colors, shapes and sizes. You can find them in less common diamond shapes, various metal colors and also see intricate details of the band. You will find numerous options when it comes to unique engagement rings, which includes spinner rings amongst others. You can consider 925 silver spinning ring; it is extremely popular.


Once you have categorized the engagement ring options, you need to figure out how to choose the right one. You have the choice of picking up one or two features and then just play them up. This can actually be a good idea because having too many details on your hand can often be overwhelming and lead to a cluttered look, something no one wants. While it is a given that setting is important in the choice of engagement ring, you should know that it comes in second as shape should be the primary consideration as it determines the geometry of the stone to be used.

After shape and settings, your own personal style can also be taken into account as well as the metal you prefer. Last, but not the least, the budget also limits the options because some engagement rings may be out of your budget. Consider these factors and you can make the right choice.