Free Nikwax Polar Proof & TX.Direct Wash-In samples Take the quiz. You have to get the questions correct, but you can take the quiz again until you do. You can get samples from them every 2 months, it’s been 3 months since this was last posted.
Nikwax Polar Proof
Add water-repellency to you Polar Fleece garments with NEW Nikwax Polar Proof. Polar Proof has been reformulated to offer you improved waterproofing performance, plus it’s now concentrated, saving you money. Specially designed for any Polar Fleece garment, it’s simple and safe to use in your washing machine at home. Great for your fleece jackets, gloves, hats, blankets and more! Test your knowledge on our WebQuiz and, if you win, a FREE 100ml Nikwax Polar Proof will be on its way to you.