Solgar® has been crafting nutritional supplements for generations—over 65 years. And just like all their supplements, U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Gummies benefit from the extensive science and knowledge behind the Solgar name. Each serving of tapioca– and pectin-based U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Gummies provides 500 mg of vitamin C per 4 gummies for children 4 years and older and 250 mg per 2 gummies for children 2 and 3 years of age. Plus, U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Gummies are made the Solgar way. That means they’re crafted in small batches to help ensure the highest quality and rigorously tested for safety and potency – but never animal tested. Solgar® U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Gummies are also non-GMO, vegan, and contain no artificial colors or flavors, gluten, wheat, or dairy. The result? A great-tasting immune support gummy that U can be sure is great for your children.* Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive a bottle of U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Gummies to try with your group. Plus, another Solgar product as a thank you for hosting! join now