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Of course, you want to step up your game! Taking vitamins shouldn't be a hassle, it should be a routine (Sort of like brushing your teeth, only it won't take that long!). While we're 100% biased on this point of view, it's known that vitamins do good things...and why would you be against that? 

If you've been trying to span out from your standard multi-vitamin, and incorporate some specific vitamins into your daily routine, we're here to help. Today we supply you with a list of our top 3 favorites to try. For this post's sake, let's call them the "Golden Trio", since they're classic and can't hurt to try. 



These supplements are beneficial to maintain the balance of bacteria in the gut. The stomach has over 400 strains of probiotics--Lactobacillus acidophilus being the most prominent. Want to start? Grab our Probiotic-10 Complex 3 Billion Organisms supplement today.


Vitamin B-12

Vegetarian? Vegan? If so, this vitamin is the best one to start taking today. Vitamin B-12 is found mainly in animal-based foods, so it's a good call to incorporate this supplement if plant-based. So, to cater to your environmentally friendly diet, we suggest including it into your day!


Vitamin D-3

Winter is great for a lot of things: skiing, major holidays, snow days...but, what it's not great for is long, sunny days. For this area of lack, a vitamin D-3 supplement comes in handy. Vitamin D-3 is naturally produced when you're exposed to the sun. So, when winter comes, and the days grow darker more quickly...It may be a good idea to start taking this little guy. 

Our High Potency Vitamin D3 5000 IU are super small, convenient softgels that go down quickly and can be taken daily. Not bad for those who fear swallowing big pills!


*Before taking any new vitamins or supplements it's always best to check with your doctor.