• Create a Budget. Just having a plan can save your hard earned money. Each week take stock of what you already have, so you’ll know what you really need and what you don’t.

  • Review the Sales.  Simply review your store’s sales flyer and plan your meals for the week around the sale items.  You will save money and get more variety in your diet.

  • Seasonally Shop.  Shop for produce that is currently in season. If you don’t know what’s in season, a quick search online will give you all the answers.

  • Consider Frozen. Sometimes it makes sense to substitute frozen or canned vegetables or fruits for fresh ones to pinch a few more pennies. Frozen vegetables are often packaged at their freshest point, still have their nutrients, and taste just as good.

  • Try the Bulk Bins.  Many times it’s cheaper to stock up on items like nuts and dried fruits from the bulk bins rather than using pre-packaged products. Sacrifice an ounce of convenience and watch the savings add up.

  • Waste Not.  Do your best not to waste the produce you do buy. If you notice the bananas are rotting, put them in the fridge and make banana bread or freeze other things to make juices or smoothies later.

  • Shop your Farmers Market. Many times you will find fresher foods and lower prices at your local farmer’s market and occasionally you can negotiate the price down just by asking.

  • Know your Prices.  Keep a running list of prices in your mind for items that you buy regularly. Then when you see a good sale you can stock up.

If this all sounds like a bit too much work, you can rely on a service like eMeals.com to help you keep a budget, buy what’s on sale and take advantage of having a plan and sticking to it!

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