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Self-talk determines our relationship not only with our interior world, but our exterior world. After all, what we think plays a direct role in how we act. That in mind, we’ve decided since it’s World Kindness Day, we should take the chance to analyze thought patterns, break them, and implement kind self-talk today. 

First off, why don’t you think back to a few conversations you had in your head today alone. Whether it be the fact you accidentally pressed send on email before it was complete, or when you made the wrong turn and wound up late to work? Take a minute and recall the words that came to mind. Did you yell at yourself? Name-call? Those initial reactions are pretty much known to occur when frustrations present themselves; however, it isn’t healthy. 

To generate more kindness into your life, start by setting intentions in the morning. By setting intentions you’ll be able to consciously remind yourself when you are on track with how you want your life to go, and when you’re going off track.

As a guide, to start, check out our list below!

+ Today I am going to compliment myself after every negative thing I say. Balance is key. 

+ I won’t get discouraged when I make a mistake; I will take it as a learning curve. 

+ Organize my thoughts to include kinder words, instead of lacking words. 

+ I’ll take time to treat myself to something that makes me happy.

The best way to ensure success is to repeat your favorites from the list of the above in the morning. To help really brighten your day and spirits, feel free to whisk together some Matcha Green Tea Powder and diffuse Happy Essential Oil! It’ll put you in a positive mindset to embrace the intentions fully.