Send and Receive Money with Cash App
I have been hearing about Cash App for a while. I finally gave in and decided to check it out for myself. 
Cash App is simply an application to send and receive money. Users can create a free account that will allow them to instantly send or receive money from other users within the same country. Once you download the Cash app, you choose a unique username, which the company calls $ cashtag. (Mine is $closetsamples) Users can also be found using the phone number or email address linked to their account.
To use Cash App is quite simple. You will first want to add a bank account. From what I have seen, this is safe and you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You can then add funds to your Cash App account using a debit card linked to an existing bank account. You can also transfer funds from your Cash App account to your bank account. This process usually takes two to three days. 
The Cash application has two main functions: paying people and receiving payments. To achieve both, start by tapping the dollar sign "$" icon at the bottom of the app.
Then enter the amount in question and then tap "Request" or "Pay" depending on the circumstances.
Then enter the other party's $ cash tag (or email or phone) and send or request the money.
One of the things that sets the Cash App apart from other online payment platforms is the Visa certified debit. This is a debit card, called the Cash Card, which users can request and can be used at traditional retail stores and ATMs to withdraw their cash. 
NOTE: When using the app, be especially careful to enter the recipients' information correctly. If you accidentally send money to the wrong party there is no real way to getting it back once the transfer is initiated. You can only try asking the party you sent it to send it back and hope they do it correctly by refunding it. Although you may be able to cancel certain outstanding payments.

Make Sure to Verify Your Cash App account!

While Cash App makes sending and receiving money easy, it does not let you pay out or receive enough money to be of much consequence. The maximum amount you can send per week is $250 without a verified account. Additionally, you are limited to receiving $1,000 per month without your account verification.
Verifying your account can be done within the app itself and is easy to do. 
When you try to send more than $250 in a single week or receive payments of more than $1,000, the app will automatically prompt you to enter the information needed to verify your account. This will most likely include your full legal name, the last four numbers of your social security number, and your date of birth.
After you apply for verification, Cash App should award you greater transaction limits. According to the company's terms of service, verified users can send up to $7,500 per week and receive an unlimited amount.

Get a FREE $10 from Cash App

If you have not joined Cash App yet, you can join for FREE and get a FREE $10 when you use the coupon code HBFTJGJ when you join! You just need to send $5 first, which, which you can send to your spouse! Or if you have no one to send it to, just sent it to me at $closetsamples
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Send and Receive Money with Cash App and Get FREE Money