Paribus` Delivery Monitoring Feature Makes Late Deliveries Less Painful

This post first appeared on Paribus. All content is theirs.

It’s an online shopping frustration that we know all too well — you pay extra shipping fees to make sure your package arrives on time. Maybe it’s a new swimsuit for your upcoming beach vacation, or a present for your best friend’s birthday. But doesn’t it always seem that when you really need it, the delivery arrives later than the retailer promised, leaving you out of luck and out of time to get your package? To pay extra for a package that arrives late just seems unfair. Well, those frustrations could soon become less painful with Paribus’ new delivery monitoring feature. It automatically files a claim for users if their online orders from select retailers are delivered later than promised. Paribus now tracks the delivery of your online purchases made at select retailers, currently Amazon and Walmart. If a guaranteed order arrives later than the retailer promised, Paribus will automatically contact the merchant to request compensation. This is in addition to the awesome automatic price tracking and refund service that Paribus provides users when prices drop on anything you buy online at eligible retailers. Shipping policies differ from one retailer to another, and we wanted to save people the time and effort of navigating these policies on their own. Our software checks to see if your package was delivered on time, and if it was late the technology simply contacts the store on your behalf to seek compensation. Many customers testing our automatic delivery monitoring service have given us positive feedback, and we’ve seen them get everything from refunds on shipping costs, to full or partial refunds on the cost of an order, store credit, even complimentary one-month extensions of expedited shipping memberships! It is thrilling to create an innovation that has already benefitted thousands of people by compensating them when packages arrive late. We enjoy helping make situations right that didn’t go perfectly for our customers the first time. This new delivery monitoring feature is the latest example of how Paribus is a secret weapon helping more than 1.5 million users effortlessly save time and money when they shop. See you on Paribus! join now

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