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The high demand for fuel and the continuous depletion of oil fields has led to sky rocketing of oil prices. As a result, some people prefer biking, walking or use of public transport such as trains and buses instead of personal cars. Others are constantly looking for ways of covering more distance from each litre of fuel. Below are some tips on how to increase the car fuel efficiency.


Use the right motor oil

Sometimes, you may be tempted to buy cheap oil to save some cash. However, using the wrong oil could cost you more in the final analysis as it could damage the car and decrease its fuel efficiency. It is advisable to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer. It is also important to follow the recommended usage and the manufacturer’s instructions when changing the oil. Change the oil at the recommended interval as dirty oil contributes to fuel inefficiency. By using the right oil, you could increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 4%.


Check the air filter regularly

It is advisable to check the air filter regularly as air flow into the engine is restricted by a dirty filter. When the air filter is dirty, it affects the fuel economy and performance of the vehicle. If the filter is clogged, replace it with a new one. Today, there are permanent filters, which can be cleaned instead of being changed. A clean air filter could increase the fuel efficiency of the car by up to 10 percent.



Check tyre pressure weekly

Having high quality tyres with the right pressure is a great way of increasing fuel economy. With time, tyres lose temperature and air and this makes them under-inflated. When tyres are under-inflated, they reduce fuel efficiency of the car because more gas has to be burned to keep the car moving. Tyres should be checked at least once a month and preferably on a weekly basis.



For best results, ensure that you use the inflation pressures shown in the driver’s manual. High quality, properly inflated tyres can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. Such tyres are readily available from various online companies such as " website".


Service the car regularly

When you service your car regularly, its engine becomes properly tuned. A well maintained engine greatly enhances fuel economy and maximises power. Servicing the car as required also fixes most of the other problems that cause fuel inefficiency. These problems include broken thermostat, low transmission fluid, sticky brake calipers, damaged oxygen sensor, poor evaporation emission control system and faulty engine emission system. A well-tuned engine could increase fuel mileage by 5% or more.


Modify your driving style

It is advisable to change your driving style as it could result in a significant increase in fuel efficiency. For instance, slowing down on the highway helps to save on fuel. If you have to wait somewhere for a few minutes, turn off the engine to save some gas. In addition, driving with the windows up ensures that the engine is not overworked and thus helps to save fuel.


Taking good care of your vehicle will definitely take care of your pocket. Each of the above tips helps you to save a little fuel. However, if you combine them, you will increase your car’s fuel efficiency considerably.


Author Bio:

I am James Smith. I believe that frugality is a key to success. I love to write about Cars, Travel in budget and Lifestyle. Contact me @ Facebook


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