4 Reasons Why We Are Absolutely CocoNUTS for Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil has quickly become the hottest new trend in cooking and personal care, and i`s no wonder why! This versatile oil comes from the smooth, white flesh found on the inside of this familiar fruit`s hard exterior. It`s what gives coconuts their distinct tropical aroma and flavor, and (as an added bonus!) is jam-packed with beneficial nutrients and essential fatty acids! So how can you incorporate this super oil into your day-to-day life? Piping Rock Coconut Oil

1. For Your Skin, Hair & Nails

Coconut oil has made some serious headway in the beauty industry! This luxurious oil virtually melts into your skin, hair and nail beds, promoting lush moisture and nourishment. Simply massage a small amount into your dry skin and nail beds or apply to the ends of your hair and enjoy the bliss of beautiful hydration! Piping Rock Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

2. For Cooking

Rich with beneficial medium-chain triglycerides (also known as "good" fats), our certified organic extra virgin coconut oil makes a great healthy substitute for vegetable cooking oils and butter. It can be easily replaced at a 1:1 ratio and can be used in baking, frying, sautéing and in making smoothies! Thanks to its low melting temperature, it is easily combined into any batter or mixture. Quite simply, it is a must-have in any pantry! Piping Rock Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Supplements

3. As a Daily Supplement

Thanks to its natural supply of MCTs, out extra virgin organic coconut oil makes a great supplement choice! These beneficial nutrients convert into natural energy in your body, helping you get more pep in your step during the day.** It can also help to maintain your body`s normal,healthy metabolism!** Piping Rock Top Quality Discount MCT Oil

 4. For Athletes

Did you know MCT oil is derived from coconut and palm kernel? This powerhouse oil supplies coconut`s natural medium-chain triglycerides to help give you the energy you need during yourworkout.** It also supports healthy weight management and makes a perfect addition to your pre- and post-workout protein shakes!** Needless to say, coconut oil has to be one of our favorite products out there.

What`s your favorite way to use this versatile oil? Share with us in the comments!