Free makeup, food, contact lenses, toys, clothes and more!
We all know that the best things in life are FREE. That's why we rounded up the best Free sample boxes and ridiculously cheap boxes that will take your free sample game to the next level. Check out our list below and get signing up!
PINCHme - Once, sometimes twice per month PINCHme will load free samples into member accounts at noon eastern time. You select what you want to be included in your sample box. Shipping is also 100% free. All you need to do is leave a review for the products you try. Easy Peasy. Next free sample box event will be April 9th at 12 pm est and may include food, beauty products, and home products. Get signed up now so you'll be eligible.
Daily Goodie Box - Ok so they might not give samples away daily, but they do monthly and there are a few ways to score yourself a free box. First, become a member and fill out all of your profile surveys. Second, interact with them on social media often - this will up your chance of being selected for a box. At least twice per week, they will give free sample boxes away to select commenters on their page.
Amazon Baby Box - This one is my favorite, but there are a few steps you'll need to follow in my post. This sample box is totally free and ships for free and has $35 worth of sample AND full sized baby products. My box had a nice swaddle, diapers, bottles, baby wash and so much more.
Waldo - This one is brand new! You'll score 10 contacts for free, just pay the $2.95 shipping. I can't wait to get mine! You will need to fill in a form with your eye doctors information and you'll need to know your prescription. Not sure if they really contact the doctor or just keep it on file. Either way - where else could you score 10 contacts for $2.95? NO WHERE! 
Baby Box University - If you live in a qualifying state you will be sent a sample box filled with high-quality baby products.
RocksBox - Free fashion jewelry and free shipping! I did the first month free with Rocksbox and was impressed! They hand-selected really cute jewelry based on a few questions of my fashion preferences. You do have to send this box back after a month or you can choose to purchase all or some of the jewelry for a discount.
I Can Read Book Club - You will score 2 Free books - you just need to pay $1 to ship them to you. These books are normally $4.99 so this is a HUGE deal. Just be sure to cancel when you get your box in the mail so your not charged for any other books - or continue with a subscription, it's pretty cheap.
Graze Snack Box - You'll get 4 free snacks and free shipping with this healthy snack sample box trial! If you don't want to be charged for any future snack boxes after your free one you will need to cancel your subscription, which is really easy to do.