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When it comes to beauty DIYs, there’s a chance that serums, creams, body wash, all come to mind first. While those are common, what may not be thought about is DIY Deodorant. We don’t blame that for happening since while it’s an important part of any daily routine, it is easily overlooked—even with its major role! Today, we change that. 

First, let’s discuss why you should go the natural route with deodorant.  Mainstream brand deodorants are not great for you. In fact, most contain aluminum, which has proven to result in negative results on the body. Before you get ahead and picture aluminum in the case of baking foil, it is an aluminum salt. Traditionally placed in deodorants, aluminum prevents us from sweating by invading cells, causing them to swell, and thus preventing the act of sweat. While interesting for science experiments under a microscope, it can be detrimental to your body in the long term. 

At this point, you’re probably revisiting the deodorant used daily, right? If you are, good! That means you’re ready to make the switch. Sure, making deodorant may seem tedious, but we promise that it is worth it. 


Ready? Here we go.

First, it’s time to gather the materials. Grab yourself the following items: 


Next, with that all gathered, it’s time to make the deodorant!

Mix together 3 tablespoons baking soda, 5 tablespoons arrowroot powder, 6 tablespoons shea butter, and 40 drops essential oils of choice.

Add into a container and enjoy the natural scent protection!