DIY Mask

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Are you sheet mask obsessed? Always on the look out for a new facial-related product to try? If you are, today’s post is bound to excite you. Why? It’s something different and something cheap.

Enter our peel Face Mask. An all-natural way to get rid of dirt and grim from pores with minimal money spend and the reassurance you’re keeping your skin safe from mainstream chemicals.


Here’s why we love it:


Honey, while could get messy, is a great source of nutrients for the skin to eat up and also provides the perfect natural solution to wax-like texture as a base for this mask. Shout out to the bees!



Naturally soothing, milk helps give your skin a hydrated look and soft-to-the-touch feel. Plus, it’s one ingredient we’re sure you have in your fridge already…So, saving some money is automatic!


Lavender Essential Oil

Ah, the smell of lavender. Transport yourself to the spa with a few drops added into the mask. It will relax your spirits and all together make this masking experience far greater.


Are you ready to try it?

People Peel-Easer Mask

After all, everyone who uses this mask falls for it.


What You’ll Need:

DIY Mask

Manuka Honey (Or traditional, pictured above)

Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

+ Milk

+ Glass Bowl To Mix


Steps To Make:

Add ½ tsp milk to 1 tsp of honey

Melt in microwave for 30 seconds

Let cool for a few seconds

Then apply quickly so it dries on your face!

Once set, peel off!

Voila! Beautifully radiant skin.