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Even though March is almost here (thankfully) there are still cold days to forge through. Even if limited, preparation is key. If throughout this winter season you've found yourself with less-than-smooth skin, you probably didn't do enough TLC for hydration. 

With the wind, the snow, the bitter cold, your skin is basically screaming for some extra attention. The one way to do this? A hydrating body mist. Accessible. Easy. You can spray yourself whenever you feel -- after a shower, after walking in the cold, or after skiing.

This all-natural spray contains only a few ingredients and owes its luscious smell to essential oils. We chose an oil that we feel will help brighten your spirits and mood during times of bitterness. So not only will you get hydrated, you'll get less cranky! Thanks, aromatherapy!

We decided to use the following essential oil, and outlined a quick briefing on why:

Rose Essential Oil Blend

Rose is known for its romantic scent, floral and flirty. But, it also can soothe the senses like lavender, and bring a bit of feminine fun to your day. Plus, it's a sensual smell which is perfect for the month of February! 

Fun fact: Did you know that it takes two thousand roses to produce one ounce of its prized essential oil? Craziness.


Now for the fun part! Making this 2 Step Body Spray!

Before you set your mind to creative zone, make sure to prepare your area and gather your ingredients. 

You'll need the following:

+  Small Spray Bottle 2 fl oz. Glass Amber

+  A Small Plastic Funnel 

+ .5 oz.  Rosewater and Glycerin

+ 10 Drops  Rose Essential Oil Blend

+ 1 oz. Distilled Water

Total Cost: $4.50 per 2 fl. oz. bottle (yields: 4)


Next, all you have to do is add the 1 oz. of water to your spray bottle, along with the .5 oz. of Rosewater and Glycerin. After, add in the drops of Rose Essential Oil Blend. 


Then, shake gently together.


Use whenever you want a little boost!