Nothing tastes better than fresh produce. And nothing is fresher than produce grown in and harvested from a Way2Gro pot in your own home. Way2Gro pots apply modern technology to classic pot designs. Way2Gro is a year-round growing system. There are hundreds of different varieties of herbs and greens that will grow like crazy in your Way2Gro pots. The patent pending system uses the wisdom of thousands of years of Bonsai growing, combined with all new moisture management and aeration technology to create an easy to use container gardening system that gives you amazing results for everyday gardening. Imagine a living curtain of herbs growing in your kitchen window and a salad bowl filled with fresh lettuce and basil on your dining room table. The big secret is that you can grow almost any plant in a Way2Gro pot. Use your imagination and have fun. Way2Gro is designed to deliver the optimal mix of air and water to your plant`s roots at all times. Healthy roots mean healthy plants. Way2Gro has a built-in, patent-pending, moisture management system that automatically keeps roots happy. Product Features:
  • The Way2Gro system allows anyone to grow fresh organic herbs, greens and micro greens 365 days a year like a pro in their own home
  • Patent-pending moisture management technology delivers a perfect mix of air and water for healthy plants - it`s self-watering
  • Includes 3 pots and easy-to-use connectors, hooks, planting posts, assembly instructions and growers guide
  • The Way2Gro vertical garden kit is designed for the Aspirational Gardener, the Foodie, and the Health Conscious Cook
  • Ideal for urban dwellers, as well as for anyone who wants to turn their window into a 365 day culinary herb garden or their balcony into a fresh salad bar for the entire growing season
  • Model Number #WK3-5-Slate and #WK3-5-Crimson
  • NOTE: Does not include seeds or plants

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