We have the second spoiler for the September Artisan Box! Each Threads Box will come with:
Vicki Tee by Wildlife Works, Kenya, (Retail $25.) Materials: 100% cotton. Size Options: Customers can choose their t-shirt size beginning September 1st in their subscription settings. Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang dry to save energy and prolong the life of the tee. Suggested use: Wear with pride.
Born inland in Nairobi, Vicky always dreamed of working for an export company and being in charge of sending goods all around the world. After years of factory work, Vicky’s passion for protecting wildlife led her to Wildlife Works, where lo and behold, she is part of a team responsible for shipping finished products to their final destinations abroad. But Vicky’s road to her dream job was not an easy one. Lack of funding made staying in school difficult, and she was often sent home for not having money for fees, a uniform, or books. Although her beloved mother taught Vicky all the skills she had, it took her many years of odd jobs to save up enough for university.  But she did it, and hasn’t stopped pursuing her goals. Next up for Vicky is coursework in purchasing and supply management, and hopefully, one day, starting her own fashion line.
New customers can use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 OFF their 3-month or longer Artisan Box subscription. Coupons cannot be combined.
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