We have the third spoiler for the January Artisan Box! Each Love Box will come with:
Soapstone Dish, Kenya (Retail $12). Subscribers will receive one of the three designs: black, green, or "green elephant". Materials: soapstone Measurements: 4" x 4" Suggested use: Fill with candy, mints, or condiments! IMPORTANT NOTE: Love Box is sold out. All the customers who are not able to get it in January can add themselves to the waitlist (in their subscription settings). Love Box should be available again in February-March 2017. There are multiple Artisan Box themes available for you to choose from in January, including Giving, Hydrate, and Comfort! (Customers can view their theme options in the subscription settings.) P.S. We added more theme options to choose from + Tea Cup and Saucer Set from India has just been added to January add-ons list!
Carving is a traditional craft of the Shona people. It is also, traditionally, a male-dominated realm. And then there’s Rose, an exceptional lady and exception to the rule. Rose is a carver.  Why the choice to take such an unorthodox path? It was simply a practical one. Rose’s husband is paralyzed, and therefore unable to work, leaving her as the sole breadwinner for the family. Rose knew carving was the best way to make the living she needed. And it seems that she was right on. Today, she has health care and makes more than double the minimum wage, as well as her own hours. Imagine your smooth new dish, its beginnings as a giant, jagged block of stone. Imagine Rose, fiercely fashioning her life into its desired shape.
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