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Looking for some fun back to school items? Check these out from Deal Genius that you do not want to miss! 

Take a look at these fun back to school finds:


11pc Kids Stationery Set By Emoji - Folders, Notebooks & More! - $9.99 (reg $16.00)

Don’t be face blind – Emojis have their own brand, and here’s their official Stationery Set! This 11 Piece Value Pack has the most expressive essentials for school, home, or office. Great for kids, adults, party favors, and more, you’ll find practical fun to suit your every mood!  

4pk Fingerlings Mystery Bags - Charms Bracelets & Pen Toppers! - $12.00 (reg $20.00)

Fingerling Minis by WowWee enjoy riding on fingers, backpacks, and anywhere they can! On the bracelets, they’re wearable as jewelry, and extra charming with charms. They climb atop pencils to keep kids company while writing and drawing. The “blind bags” are a fun surprise, with 36 different characters in Series 1, mostly monkeys, some sloths and unicorns, and rare ones if you’re lucky. To play, collect, trade and share, kids can’t wait to get their fingers on Fingerlings!

Insulated Zipper Lunch Bag By Fast Forward - Single Compartment - $9.00 (reg $12.00)

Lunchtime and snack time are extra fun for kids when they have favorite friends to keep things cool! These Insulated Lunch Bags by Fast Forward feature big padded compartments that unzip wide for easy access. Kids can hold the handles and pack a lunch for school, take a picnic to the park, or snack in the backseat, all while keeping things protected in durable padding.

24pc Sugar Rush Candy Scented Gel Pens By Scentos - Colorful! - $9.99 (reg $14.00) 

Add sweetness to every word and picture using Candy Scented Gel Pens By Sugar Rush. With fine lines more precise than markers, and gel ink smoother than a ballpoint, this variety set brings flavorful new dimensions to artwork and writing. Kids and adults love to sweeten up notetaking, sugar-coat their journaling, and tap into that artistic sweet spot. 

6pk Sign Holder & Dry-Erase Board By Officemate – Dual Sided! - $39.00 (reg $120.00) 

Double your display possibilities on a Standup Sign Holder & Dry-Erase Board by Officemate. One side is clear, with easy side-insert for signs, pictures, and more. The other side has an applied white dry-erase surface for memos, and other quick, erasable marks. The upright view is ideal for info at a reception area, promotional materials at a conference, or sales at a retail counter. 

12pk Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pen Set - Colored Markers - $9.47 (reg $20.00) 

Flair Felt Tip Pens by Paper Mate are the most popular around, and this is the classic color set. Vivid, flowing lines dry quickly, and won’t bleed through pages. For drawing and writing, in coloring books, at home, school, and on the go, these have the most flair for colorful fun! 

Index Card Holder By OfficeMax – For 4x6 Cards, Store Up To 400! - $6.00 (reg $8.00) 

More than index cards can be stored in this Index Card Case By OfficeMax. This handy storage container can be a small file to organize notes and receipts at the office. It can archive a collection of photographs or postcards. Fold down the secure snap lid and you’ll have a ridged area for sorting, or keeping a recipe displayed on the kitchen counter. 

3pk Leatherette 240pg Journals By C.R. Gibson – 5.25” x 8.25” - $19.00 (reg $45.00)

With a soft feel and distinctive look, the Markings Leatherette Journal by C.R. Gibson will inspire. For journaling, fiction, or notetaking, carry it to school, work, or the corner café. The elastic closure gets it ready for wherever your writing may take you. 

192pg Journal With Band, Bookmark By C.R. Gibson - 5.25" x 8.25" - $5.99 (reg $12.00)

With a soft feel and distinctively vibrant look, this Markings Leatherette Journal by C.R. Gibson will inspire. For journaling, fiction, or notetaking, carry it to school, work, or the corner café. The elastic closure gets it ready for wherever your writing may take you. 

12pc Collectible Character Eraser Toys In Decorative Gift Tins - $14.99 (reg $40)

These erasers go beyond erasing – they’re ready for adventure! Each Collectible Eraser Case by Innovative Designs features favorite animated characters in multi-piece puzzle designs that come apart. The cases have background scenes for play and display, and a handle to carry off to school, or travel fun. 

4pk Kids Character Stationery Sets With Journal Notebook & Pen - $12.00 (reg $24.00)

Kids have more fun writing in Stationery Sets With Pens from Tri-Coastal Design. With favorite animated characters on the covers, these little spiral-bound notebooks and ballpoints are ready for car trips, school time, and jotting down those special notes and stories. 

24pc InkJoy 100 RT Ballpoint Medium Click Pens By Paper Mate - $12.00 (reg $48.00) 

Writing flows better with smooth flowing InkJoy 100 RT Ballpoint Retractable Pens By Paper Mate. The joy of the InkJoy system is the quick-drying ink in an effortless glide, with no spotting or smearing, and it’s never a drag. 

6pk Paper Craft Premium Notebooks – Dot Grid, Perforated - $14.00 (reg $42.00) 

These softcover notebooks have a subtle dot grid pattern for a freer writing experience than traditional ruled paper. The quality style of these Paper Craft Premium Notebooks is perfect for taking notes at work, or writing stories at the corner café. 

Set Of 3 Paperback Flex 240pg Softcover Journals By C.R. Gibson - $12.95 (reg $24.00) 

Paperback Flex is a new softcover journal from the Markings series by C.R. Gibson. The durable paper cover makes it lightweight and flexible for writing on the go, notetaking in class, or journaling at home. Use the space on front to personalize it with your name, school subject, or title of your novel in progress. 

48pk Pentel Energel Tradio Liquid Gel Pens - Smear-Free Blue Ink - $24.00 (reg $96.00) 

Tradio EnerGel Pens by Pentel combine the best of smear-free, quick-drying liquid ink with smooth roller ball tips. The blue ink is comfortable on the eyes, and is often required in documents to differentiate the original from a copy. These French made pens have a distinctive window cap and pearl white finish, making them a prime choice for home, office, classroom, purse, or travel essentials. 

24pk College Ruled 70pg Perforated Spiral Bound Notebooks - $26.00 (reg $48.00)

Here’s a writing essential: College Ruled Spiral Notebooks by Sweda. These have durable, flexible soft covers and metal wire binding. Each page is perforated for smooth tearing, and they fit in standard binders. It’s the basic best for stocking up the office, being prepared at school, getting organized on the job, or writing that novel. 

LEGO Pencil Case – Store & Stack, Carry To School Or Work! - $9.00 (reg $12.00) 

In LEGO Land, LEGO kids go off to school, adults head to work, and anyone might attend an art class. They all carry writing and art supplies in the LEGO Pencil Box from the LEGO stationery line. This hinged, portable container is compatible with your LEGO world too. A brick on the lid can hold a LEGO pen, carry a Minifigure for a ride, or attach bricks for a design. The LEGO lining is also removable for use with LEGO sets. It’s stackable storage the LEGO way. 

LEGO 6” Or 12” Buildable Ruler – Stackable With LEGO Toys! - $7.97 (reg $16.00) 

Ordinary rulers just don’t measure up to the LEGO Buildable Ruler from the LEGO stationery line. In true LEGO form, this ruler requires assembly first, in two variations: 6 or 12 inch for added versatility. It can be stacked with other LEGO bricks or pens (not included), and the pieces can be fitted into your existing LEGO sets. For kids at home, teens in the classroom, or grown-ups at the office, everyone can go extra inches of LEGO fun! 

2pc LEGO Pencil Sharpener Set – Stackable With LEGO Toys! - $6.50 (reg $9.00) 

The sharpest LEGO bricks in the stack are the 2-in-1 LEGO Pencil Sharpeners! These sharpen standard size pencils, and fit with standard LEGO sets. They’re fun to take to school or work, attach to other LEGO stationery items, or incorporate onto your LEGO constructions. These LEGO bricks really make a finer point! 

20pk Paper Mate InkJoy 100ST Pens – The Smoothest Ballpoints - $19.00 (reg $96.00) 

Thoughts flow smoothly with smooth flowing ink, and InkJoy pens are the smoothest around. Paper Mate’s revolutionary ink system gives these ballpoint pens an effortless glide, with no spotting or smearing, and it’s never a drag. InkJoy brings back the joy to writing and drawing. 

6pk Hardcover Notebooks By Demdaco - Convenient Pen Holder - $26.00 (reg $108.00)

These hardbound notebooks have smooth covers similar to leather, contrasted with soft cloth bindings in rainbow colors. The elastic holder at the spine keeps your pen handy, and two different color bookmarks help you mark beginnings and endings. Slip over the elastic band closure and these notebooks are ready to carry off to school, to work, or to the corner café. 

48pk Ty Beanie Boos Number 2 Pencils - Assorted Fun Characters - $12.00 (reg $36.00) 

Ty Beanie Boos Pencils make writing more fun! These Beanie Boos are Number 2’s with good rubber erasers, the kind recommended by schools. There’s enough assorted colorful characters here for schoolwork, fun writing, and party favors. 

11pc Beanie Boos Stationery Set – Cute & Cool School Supplies! - $13.97 (reg $18.00)

Kids can take Beanie Boos to school with the Ty Beanie Boos Stationery Set. These colorful items include everything needed for good schoolwork, all with favorite Beanie Boos characters. They’re also fun for writing at home, and taking notes on the go. These are Beanie Boos with the write stuff! 

24pk Duck Brand 1,000 Inch Tape Dispensers - Matte Photo Safe - $25.17 (reg $54.00) 

Duck Brand is trusted for Duct tape, as well as this great Invisible Tape. It’s photo safe for projects, and the matte finish allows you to easily write on it for labeling and gifts. It’s useful for repairing and more, and there's plenty for a whole office or classroom. Get these Value Packs before they disappear! 

10” Desktop Globe By Wild & Wolf – Over 2000 Location Names - $32.00 (reg $60.00) 

This worldly addition to your décor is one that inspires all to explore. The 10” Desktop Globe By Wild & Wolf has a modern, metallic sheen, and plenty of details. Over 2000 place names can be found as you spin this stylish sphere. It will look terrific on your office desk, in the living room, or in the bedroom as you dream of travel. 

12pk Mead Five Star 2-Subject 9x6” Notebooks With Pockets - $32.00 (reg $84.00) 

The covers on these Mead Five Star 2-Subject notebooks are not only dynamic in their designs, they’re durable and waterproof poly plastic. The micro-perforated ruled pages are tearable (not terrible!) and 2 inner pockets are there for handy storage. Whether you’re carrying one off to work, to class or to the corner café, notebooks like these can inspire a little extra pizzazz in your writing. 

Wildkin Kids Backpack – Padded Adjustable Straps, Bottle Holder - $14.00 (reg $30.00) 

Kids want fun in functional, so they love Olive Kids Backpacks by Wildkin. Each is durable faux leather, playfully designed in embroidered layers of vivid shapes. Adjustable padded straps fit kids 3 and up, and a mesh side pocket can carry a regular small water bottle. Zippered sections get their supplies ready for school, day trips, or day camp. Whether you have a little monster, robot friend, or pretty princess, there’s an Olive Kids backpack for your kid! 

3pk Magnetic Dry Erase Boards & Markers – Handy Mini Size 5x7 - $12.00 (reg $36.00) 

Note-taking apps for your smartphone are great, but they don’t hang visibly on the kitchen fridge where you can jot down a quick reminder. Nor do they let you hang messages on magnets by your desk. Only Magnetic Dry Erase Boards by Foray can offer such convenience. The compact size and stylish aluminum frames make these boards just right for anyplace in your home, office, or retail shop. With markers included, they’re write-ready to go. 

15pk Sharpie No-Smear Highlighter Markers – 12 Yellow, 3 Pink - $12.95 (reg $30.00)

Sharpie is the most trusted name in markers, and here’s a bright new highlight: the Sharpie Highlighter. Its specially formulated Smear Guard ink won’t smudge other inks you’re highlighting over, such as newspapers, and inkjet printed pages. The chisel blade tip lets you vary the line width quickly from highlighting to underlining, all in precise, quick-drying, fade-resistant colors. For home, school and office, these are the brightest Sharpies around. 

50pk Lolliz Bright Colored Pencils – Pre-Sharpened, Long Lasting - $6.99 (reg $15.00) 

Color better by expanding your color pallet – the 50 piece set of Lolliz Colored Pencils has a bright array in high quality pigments. Pre-sharpened and ready for drawing, coloring and sketching, these pencils are ideal for both kids and adults. Anyone’s creative side will be more vibrant for art class, craft projects, casual sketching, or relaxing with a coloring book.  

Kids Convertible Rolling Luggage & Backpack With Plush Animal - $24.99 (reg $40.00) 

Each one of these kid friendly bags has a detachable rolling trolley and adjustable shoulder straps to encourage independence in pint-size explorers. However, traveling is always more fun with a buddy! That’s why these rolling backpacks come with an adorable plush friend to keep kids company.  

NoJo Babybot 78pg Record Book – Birth to School Memory Album - $14.99 (reg $60.00) 

Little robots grow up fast! Their amazing developments can be kept on file in the Babybot Record Book by NoJo. With plenty of secure storage for memories, this full color book saves everything for parents, grandparents, and future generations. 

480 Post-It Flags In 2 Sizes – Mark & Find Important Work - $9.99 (reg $24.00) 

When you want to flag down something in your work, mark it with writable, repositionable 3M Post-it flags. 

4pk Disney Character Lanyard Keychains With Lobster Clasps - $9.99 (reg $20.00) 

Lanyards are useful for kids, and with Disney Junior designs they’re much more fun. There’s Minnie Mouse and several magical Princesses, as well as Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen from Cars. These are great for special events, holding keys, school ID’s, and more. They also make cool party favors and style accessories.  

2 Acrylic Desk Organizers with Tape Dispenser + Office Supplies - $14.99 (reg $30.00) 

I keep my desk organized with this desktop workstation. This modern acrylic organizer includes some desk essentials, and has room for more in its various sections. It was helpful when I was at school, and is still useful at the office, for its instantly organized accessibility.  

Kids Emoji Backpack – Cute Bag For Camping, Sleepovers & More - $9.00 (reg $18.00) 

Here’s a pack to suit your kid’s mood no matter what mood they’re in. This cute Emoji Backpack is perfect for your little one to take to school, camping, to sleepovers and more. Durable, shaped to have a spacious interior, and bursting at the seams with personality, this bag is sure to become your child’s favorite carry-all. 

5lb Box of Misprint Ballpoint Pens – Huge Lot For Not A Lot - $24.00 (reg $180.00) 

You know the old saying, “He’d lose his head if it wasn’t attached”? That’s me. I just can’t keep track of small objects like pens. To solve this problem, I went a little overboard…I got FIVE POUNDS OF PENS from Deal Genius. These ballpoint pens, all of which contain slight misprints, actually write great! I keep them at home, my night class, work, in my car, and I even loan some out and still never worry about running out. It was the low cost solution to my disappearing act dilemma.
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