LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER - High Speed 2.1 Amp 2 USB Outlet With Built-In LED Automatic Night Light - See where to plug your phone in, even in the dark! $20 at Best Buy, just $4.99 from us! 99 cent shipping, but if you order 3, SHIPPING IS FREE!

Globe electric's Always On or Automatic Dusk to Dawn LED Night Light has everything you need in one tidy package. A soft white (3000-kelvin) dusk to dawn night light provides the right amount of light when you need it most without using an excessive amount of power. Turning on at dusk and turning off at dawn, you will save time, energy and money. Should you need light for a longer amount of time, you can simply switch the night light to the always on function with the little switch in the back - perfect for anyone afraid of the dark. Two fast charging 2.1A combined USB ports allow you to quickly charge your electronics with ease so your socket is not wasted. This night light is the perfect size to cover only the one socket so you never have to worry about it's placement.
Product Features
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