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Grab this 10 In 1 Outdoor Military Survival Device from Steep Discount for just $12.99 on sale -- normally $22.99!
This survival kit is the perfect gadget for the camper, hiker, survivalist, boy scout, or outdoors man.
 A must have if you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness!
  • Compass: Measure for magnetic azimuth (Relative functions of compass: acquire data at horizontal and vertical level)
  • Thermometer: Measure for ambient temperature
  • Hygrometer: Measure for ambient relative humidity
  • LED LIGHT: Lighting
  • Reflector: Call for help in country-side, reflect sunlight to sent out the light signal
  • Spirit level: Determine level condition
  • Whistle: Call for help in country-side, sent out the sound signal.(use tappet to push out the whistle from the third hole at the left side)
  • Flint: Wilderness survival by make fire.
  • Magnifier: Find a coordinate in a map.
  • Ruler: Measure a distance (3cm length)
  • Waterproof / Water-Resistant: No
  • Outdoor Activity: All Outdoor Activities
  • Size: Approx. 79.5 x 41 x 25mm
  • Case Material: Plastic
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