Love Toaster pop up card
Lovepop Card`s has two new Valentine`s Day pop-up cards that are sure to be a delightful and unexpected gift for the valentine in your life. For new customers, Lovepop Cards has a special Valentine`s Day offer -- 10% off any Valentine`s Day cards they purchase - use code LETTERS10.
Hedgehogs in Love 3D Lovepop Card Hedgehogs in Love 3D Card Opening this whimsical pop-up card reveals a 3D scene unlike any they`ve ever seen before. A laser-cut patch of grass with charming details including a snail and flowers surrounds a red spotted mushroom with a lovable hedgehog on top. Another hedgehog in the foreground plays the lute to the delight of its hedgehog friend.
Love Cupcake 3D Lovepop Card Love Cupcake 3D Card The whimsical cover of this sweet card provides a major clue to the delightful treat inside. A laser-cut cupcake with xs and os and a sprinkling of hearts adorns the red cover. Inside a tasty sculpture of a chocolate cupcake with white frosting sits atop a delicate doily, topped with delicious frosting and conversation hearts.
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