walmart coupon matchup November 2013 I know I`m a bit slow with posting this one. I`ve been super busy this week: doctor appointment, catching up with some old co-workers, keeping up with the blog, Sophia`s school work, having to do our laundry at the in-laws because our dryer wants to act funny on us, and of course the itchy throat and sniffle nose! So anyway, The stuff you see pictured would have originally cost me $21.01 +tax. I paid $6.81 +tax, which is an average savings of about 68%. Of course not the hottest score, but it`s still more than half off so I`m happy! I was originally going to get the McCormick gourmet spices for $1.64 and use a $2.00 off coupon, but silly me didn`t read the fine print that said those weren`t included! So I intended to have a better savings, but hey, we all know how that goes. So here`s how that Walmart trip went - besides the slow cashier who read every single coupon before even scanning or looking at the merchandise! Yes, I went to a different Walmart since I was out - I prefer my home Walmart so much better! Please remember, I clip my coupons at the time of matching them up and don`t pay attention to what inserts they came out of. I`m so sorry for the annoyance! BUT a quick google search will lead you to the coupons and which insert they`re in. Also, double check the expiration date before heading out!


(2) Sara Lee Snacks - $2.50/each -(2) $1.00 mailed MFG Coupons (1) Shick Razor - $1.97 -$3.00 MFG from newspaper insert (4) Carmex Lip Balm -$0.98/each -(4) $0.30 MFG Coupon from newspaper insert (4) Gold Bond Travel Size Lotion -$0.97/each -(4) $1.00 MFG Coupon from newspaper insert (8) Yakisoba Noodles -$0.78/each -(4) $1.00/2 MFG Coupon from newspaper insert SUBTOTAL: $6.81 TAX 1: $0.85 TAX 2: $0.39 TOTAL: $8.05