DIY Bride/Groom Charlkboard Place Marker  

(From July 2012) I`ve been making quite a few crafts lately. Here`s one I made for my upcoming wedding next month for the Groom & I`s table! Sorry, I can`t show you everything else I made for the wedding until after! So how did I make these? Very quickly and easily! I found all my supplies at my local Michael`s. but you can check online at any of these sites to see if they have any supplies you`d be interested in using: Annie`sDiscount School Supplies, etc.  

  I came across the little chalkboards by accident when I was checking out at Michaels for just $1 each! Bargain! They stand up like little display stands and are in simply wood made for you to paint or decorate. To go with my theme I decided to keep them their original color. I already had the pearl sticker lettering I had previously purchased and had it with my "wedding crafts box" -- my spare crafting supplies for wedding decor purposes. So all I did was peel the letters off and stick them on to the chalkboard.  

The little black bows have mini faux pearls in the center that I had picked up the same day for about $1.99 I believe it was that I paid. 

I used some E-600 glue to stick it on since it`s known to keep a good hold. Then that was it! Simply idea for cute and unique pieces for any wedding or party!