I`m definitely late posting this, but with all the web site issues and finally getting them resolved (or so it appears) I`m FINALLY able to catch up on all the postings I had prepared but wasn`t able to do! This trip is from on January 16th 2013 at Winn Dixie and Walmart. Originally everything would have cost me $29.46 but I was able to pay $10.77 total at Winn Dixie! That`s a 63% savings there! Woo Hoo!
Now the yogurts were just something I generally get to eat with my lunches at work and here in LA we`re not allowed to use coupons on dairy products (BOOOO!!) so that was the majority of my bill or basically all I paid for was the yogurts. Then at Walmart, everything would have originally cost me $25.91 before tax and after the coupons, I paid $12.49 + tax. So I saved about 50% on this trip. Not as great of a deal as Winn Dixie, but hey I`ll take 50% over nothing right?!

Here`s what I did:


(2) One Beyond Dry Cat Food --$2.99/each -50% Clearance price of $1.50/each -(2) FREE MFG Coupons (1) Garnier Fructis Hair Product --$3.79 -Clearance price at $0.94 -1.00 MFG Coupon (20) Dannon Yogurts --$0.80/each -Sale for 20/$10

TAX: $0.82 TOTAL: $10.77



(2) Meow Mix Cat Food --$4.24/each
-(2) Buy 1 Bag Meow Mix get 2 canned foods Free MFG Coupon
(4) Estracell Scrub Sponges --$0.96/each
-(2) $1/2 MFG Coupons
(4) Meow Mix Wet Food --$0.52/each
-(Same as coupon from #1, this became free)
(2) Beach Nut Toddler Pouches --$0.98/each
-(2) $1 MFG Coupons
(1) Red Wine Vinegar --$1.66
-$0.50 MFG Coupon
(1) Lean Cuisine Salad Sides --$2.50
-$0.75 MFG Coupon
(2) Poise Cleansing Wipes --$2.97/each
-(2) $3 MFG Coupons

SUBTOTAL: $12.49 TAX 1: $1.78 TAX 2: $0.21 TOTAL: $14.48   

Remember, you can always Print Coupons Online if you don`t get the Sunday paper! Or even if you do to help maximize your savings!