Matthew is a meteorologist by training and an outdoor enthusiast by nature. After spending several years working the stereotypical American dream, and realizing it isn`t really his thing he, along with his wife Merry, decided they wanted to start a website, with the intention of getting back to their natural roots, and helping others to discover the beauty of the world around them. If you are a true outdoorsmen at heart or aspiring to become just that, they hope that you find their website informative and useful. Their mission is designed to help you explore this great continent by navigating you to the right outdoor gear, apparel, locations you`d like to visit, as well as what you can expect climate-wise on your next destination. is the official guide to all things outdoors in North America. They are spreading their love of the great outdoors to others so they can find the same peace and enjoyment of what is natural in a very man made materialistic world. Message them on Twitter for a free Roam America sticker to add to your sticker collection.