Photo Backdrop Secrets In this lesson "Photo Backdrop Secrets - DIY!" you are going to learn some truly mind-blowing secrets! You`ll learn how to get a pure white background in your matter what color the backdrop was originally. You`ll learn how to get pure black no matter what color you start with as well! You`ll learn how to make a backdrop that only costs a couple bucks -but in the final picture it can be any color you want! Here is the Table Of Contents showing a bit of what is covered... Introduction The Light That Isn`t A Light! The Notebook Revisited GOBOs And Colored Gels! Creative Uses For Gel Material The "Found" Photo Backdrop Keep It Clean And Neat Balancing The Light The Neutral Density Filter The Graduated Neutral Density Filter Scrims - What They Are And How To Use Them The "Created" Photo Backdrop Commercially Made Backdrops Are Expensive! Make Your Own For Pennies On The Dollar! How To Make A White Backdrop How To Make A Black Backdrop How To Make A Colored Backdrop Background Storage The "Digital" Photo Backdrop The Digital Photography Background - A Creative Masterpiece! The "Separation" Light How To Use A "Separation Light" In Portrait Photography! Photo Exercise Additional Photo Training We discuss the background and how to manipulate it so that one or two backdrops can do the work of dozens. You will save a ton of money! Background Storage - There IS a simple way to store them that will keep them from getting wrinkled...I show you how. And more...and more...and more... Having a professional looking backdrop for your portraits is the easiest and fastest way to make your work look truly professional! You`ll be getting paid assignments - or winning photo contests sooner than you think!