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You all know I'm always looking to upgrade, update, fix my site. I've been that way since I had my first basic site on Blogger. Unfortunately, though, I discovered a dishonest web designed last year and wanted to share my story. Now I know I should have stuck with the amazing guys at 911website Repair as that is who I used to do my last major change, but I was trying to save some money. BAD IDEA!
There were quite a few signs where I should have canceled, said nevermind, and just leave the idea alone. But I was too caught up and didn't have my eyes open. I mean, the guy was responding quickly, my initial menu I ordered seemed nice minus that it wasn't 100% done, but it was because we were going to change my design and it would all tie in and work together... yea...that never happened. 

Here's my story of what happened with Geek Chimp Design:

On 11/13/2017 I first Contacted 'Geek Chimp Designs' from Etsy to update my website menu as I wanted it to be 'fancy and interactive'. We agreed on a price of $125 for this task. After a couple weeks, I was told to get my menu to function as I would like I would need to rebuild my website as the current coding and modules were not compatible.  They claimed my previous developer didn't have the coding done correctly so they could fix that along with a new design for me.  So while I did get a menu for my website, it was ultimately boring, plain and did not do what was originally agreed due, which I was told was due to my site and such which is why I ultimately agreed for the site update. 
I was so blindsided that the seller was communicating and such and showed nice proof of my menu in the 'completed' design that I left feedback on the menu experience on Etsy before too much time had passed to leave a review -- dumb, dumb, dumb seeing that clearly wasn't what I received. It was supposed to be interactive, fancy, just more appealing to the eye and new posts auto updating, etc. Super cool. Not boring. Take a look for yourself comparing what was promised and what I received...
On 11/26/2017 I hired 'Geek Chimp Designs' from Etsy to redesign my website for $1,100 with a due date of if being completed within 4 weeks. This price included not only a new site, but the menu as functioning as originally agreed when I hired them. I accepted the offer for my site to be redone, have the coding fixed & have my menu working as discussed. It's nearly a year later & I have nothing to show for it except the (incomplete) menu design. I have over 500 messages on Etsy with this seller in regards to asking for updates & proof of progress, such as screenshots, that were never provided. (Oh wait, I had a template I said I liked - but was never applied using my site content, just a basic template which I later discovered was not even custom made for me, but found elsewhere on the internet  and I was provided a screenshot of how my new menu was looking in the design... the design I never ultimately saw). There was always an excuse. I was consistently told that I would see something by X date or it would be completed by X date. The date would come & nothing would be done & another date was pushed back. I tried to continue working with them, expressed my frustration multiple times to no avail.

Take a look at snippets of the conversation I had with the seller:

Basically, the what was promised parts and the continuing to push deadlines -- adding the whole conversation at roughly 500 messages would be waaayyy too much! I left out the details of the design ideas, chit-chat about site issues, etc. but am happy to send the conversation in full to anyone who wants the proof.
Besides the consistent change of 'promise of delivery' dates, Geek Chimp also changed my CPanel (backend of the technical stuff) password without my permission or consent. Their reasoning? As a security measure to basically not give the original password to the tech and it would be changed after the job was completed. On one hand, that sounded reasonable, however, the fact this process was done without telling me was a huge red flag. 
Finally, I reached out to Etsy to help resolve this issue as this was the platform I hired the seller on & they claimed too much time had passed and they would not help me despite the fact this was an on-going project that was not delivered. They said to keep working with the seller (I have a copy of the email). The fact that this was on their platform and they would not even investigate to see that this was an ongoing project and not a "one time purchase and done" transaction I certainly expected a little more support as a buyer. Of course, I got no help. I continued to try & work with the seller hoping for some results.
On 9/10/2018 I filed a dispute with my credit card company for the $1,100 & am awaiting their decision. This does not include the $125 I paid for the menu which is not functioning as promised.  On October 4th, 2018, I also filed a dispute with my credit card company in regards to the $125 spent on a non-completed menu since I would need the new site in order to get the new menu I originally paid for.
In October 2018 I noticed the ‘official’ GeekChimpDesign.com website had removed the content off their site and their listings on Etsy they had for sale had been removed. As of December 2018, the company completely deleted their Etsy profile leaving virtually no trace of their ‘company’ further showing they were a scam from the beginning.


Ultimately, I am resorting to paying to fix to undo what Geek Chimp Design did to my site. They took my money and ran. When confronting them the only thing they offered was SURPRISE!, another deadline that they *PROMISED* to have the site completed by. They refused to refund despite not doing the work they claimed. They either had a plan to scam me all along or they honestly did not know what they were doing and decided to still just take my money and run. 
Even though they are not on Etsy (under that username) or using their current web address that I had, I wanted to warn other website holders of my experience. Geek Chimp is a dishonest company. Do NOT use them. If you need your website fixed or designed, I highly recommend (and plan on just sticking with) 911website Repair. They are professional. They are honest. Their prices can be a bit high, however, you get quality guaranteed work. If you ask for an update, they can tell you what is going on. They do not play these games. Yes, errors occur in the technical world, but you won't be promised something then never see it. If your deadline cannot be met for whatever reason, they will tell you and have validation as to why. Let them know I sent you if you choose to use them. My website was made complex enough they'll know who you're talking about!
I should have stuck with the designers I knew instead of trying to save a couple of dollars... so I'm warning you to do the same and avoid GeekChimp (or Geek Chimp or Geek Chimp Design - whichever name they want to call themselves)!
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