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Discover the legal and business sides of cybersecurity. Learn how to protect yourself from cyber attacks and comply with data privacy regulations.
Grab this Cybersecurity and Legal Compliance Course for just $12.49! This is perfect for any business person or even bloggers! 
Created by Cyber Secure Central, an international Cyber Security firm with presence in America, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Asia, and Europe; in cooperation with cybersecurity organisations, computer scientists, and world-renowned experts in Law. 
About This Course
Nowadays, business and social interactions happen mostly online, and we carry the cyber world everywhere with us. In fact, you may be reading this on a device you just took out of your pocket. Meanwhile, the way most people think and manage their safety hasn’t changed at all.  
This course is designed to help you understand the complex world of cybersecurity when applied to data handling and storage, as well as the legal implications of doing business in the Digital Age. Guided by a world-class team of cybersecurity and Law experts and computer scientists, you will learn how the Data Revolution is shaping our lives every day; as well as the potential (often misrepresented) dangers of cyber attacks, and how to protect yourself from them. You will also learn about the Legal frameworks of online business and privacy, and how you can save time, money, and avoid trouble by complying with international laws and policies. 
What Will You LEARN On This Course?
  • Understanding Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Regulations.
  • How Cybercriminals PLAN, DESIGN, and EXECUTE attacks.
  • How to Spot Your Inner Security WEAKNESSES.
  • How Cyber Crime ACTUALLY Works.
  • How To PROTECT Yourself From Attacks.
  • What Data Breaches Are and WHY They Matter.
  • Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity.
  • How to Protect And Store User Data.
  • How to Manage Cybersecurity (for Individuals and Teams).
  • Complying with, and Understanding International Data and Privacy Regulations.
Who Is This Course For?
  • Business owners and managers.
  • Tech enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Finance professionals managing digital and crypto assets.
  • Law practitioners, professionals, and regulators.
  • Users dealing with third-party or private sensitive data online.
  • Health, education, and government administrators.
  • Tech-related and Law students.
Did You Know That...
  • During 2018, 50% of small businesses were attacked?
  • Cybersecurity incidents cost small businesses in the US an anual average of $34,600.
  • 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a cyber attack.
  • The US Federal Government dedicated $15 billion to cybersecurity in 2019.
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