Kiinde Twist Starter Sets are FREE for the next 48 hours! (New customers only). Direct-pump, store, warm, and direct-feed your breast milk without ever having to transfer milk from bottles to bags! There are 2 ways to qualify this time: 1. Add 3 or more 40-count refill packs of twist pouches to your registry, OR 2. Add a Kozii to your registry. That`s it! Meet these requirements and fill out the form below, and we`ll send you the whole starter set ($30 value) for FREE! We`ll even pay for shipping! Complete details and entry form are here: In order to qualify, you must add the item(s) to your registry AND complete the form by 11:59pm on this Wednesday, November 19! You can learn more about the Twist System here: You can learn more about Kozii (the only warmer on the market designed specifically to safely thaw, warm and preserve delicate nutrients in breast milk) here: We encourage you to check out Amazon review of our products too! One more thing: If you entered our last Facebook giveaway (a couple of weeks ago), you do not need to enter again - you will only get one free Twist Set anyway (we will be cross checking entries)! Sorry again to our Canadian fans - this giveaway only works for residents of the continental U.S., but we`re working on it!