Core Cleanse Natural Cleansing Formula Dietary Supplement $38 (Reg. $75) #Review   Are you looking to get a cleanse and get your body back on track? Try out the Core Cleanse Natural Cleansing Formula Dietary Supplement - 60 Capsules! Right now you can grab a bottle for just $38 + FREE shipping! Usually this is $74.95!
  • Gently remove harmful toxins and waste*
  • Flush out excess weight*
  • Eliminate bloating*
  • Increase energy levels*
  my thoughts Core Cleanse is a natural way to detoxify your body, eliminating the causes of these digestive issues. Core Cleanse is an herbal colon cleanse that contains potent natural ingredients for eliminating waste build-up, relieving bloating and fatigue, and improving your digestive health. For those unaware, a cleanse is a way to detoxify your body. Core Cleanse is a proprietary herbal blend of Magnesium, Potassium, Cascara Sagrada extract, Rhubarb, Licorice, Senna and Buckthorn making it a natural way to cleanse your body. The pills come in a clear pill capsule with the powdered ingredients on the inside. The pills are about a `standard` pill size and I found them rather easy to take; and I have a bad gag reflex. It is recommended to take 2 pills daily with a meal and a glass of water, which is what I did. While taking the pills I experienced no illness or upset stomach; maybe some light cramping, but nothing serious. The pills had no nasty taste or smell to them either. While taking these pills you can expect an increase in going to the bathroom - this is normal. It didn`t give me `the runs` either, just softer stools, but nothing uncomfortable. This is not something I would use on a regular basis, but will use it from time to time for a good cleaning.

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