Remember not too long ago I mentioned I was introducing a Couponing Page? Well here`s the first guest post I have for this segment! I`m awaiting other posts and will be adding them to the main page as well as making  a guest post in honor of my wonderful writers! I hope these postings help you (and me since I am also new at this!) and brings us lots of savings! Thanks Liz for sharing this!
This is a guest post written by Liz Cutten. Liz runs MyCCFinder, a printable coupon / hot deals based website helping you find the best deals on the net!
Saving money at the grocery store really isn’t that hard.  It’s going to take a little time, as well as effort.  If you have the motivation to save, you’re going to find that this process is a breeze.  I wanted to give you my step by step guide on how I save each time I go to the grocery store.  Every time go through this process, I’m able to save at least 40% off each time.
#1 Make sure you get the Sunday paper:  The newspaper!?  That’s from the 1990s, right?  Yes, while it’s rather outdated, the Sunday paper still has some great coupons.  Make sure that you get the Sunday paper each and every week.  By doing so, you’re going to get loads of coupons.  You’re going to get the Smart Source, as well as Red Plum publications.  You’re going to want to mark the date on these.
#2 Sign up for CouponMom: is a 100% free resource tool and you’re going to love it.  You’re going to want to sign up and create an account.  Once you get in, you’re going to want to find your grocery store that you shop at.  Each week, they update the list with the best deals at your local store. 
Basically, what they are going to do is take the sale items and throw a coupon on top of it, giving the maximized savings.   For example, let’s say that bread is on sale for $1.  There’s a .55 coupon in your paper.  You take that coupon and apply it on top of the $1.  Your bread is now .45.  Before that, if it wasn’t on sale, it would have been $1.99.
#3 Search for printable coupons online:  Before you start your grocery shopping, it’s important that you make a list.  You’re going to find that the Sunday paper isn’t always going to have all the coupons that you want.  Instead, you’re going to want to search for items as well online. Use Google’s most recent results search engine.  
Let’s say that you wanted Cheez It.  Search for Cheez It printable coupons.  Sometimes you’re going to find a deal, while other times, you won’t find anything at all.  The reason why you’re going to want to use the most result results is because it’s going to show you what’s fresh, rather than outdated and expired.
#4 Search out eBay:  If you have patience, you can search out coupons for either products, or your local store.  Check it out to see what’s up.  It will generally take you about 3-5 days to get your coupons in the mail.  Make sure that you try out this technique as well.
#5 Get deal help on forums:  There are a few grocery forums that I love such as, as well as a few others.  People on there will post specific deals on message boards telling you how you can get the best deals on products.  Be sure to read these as well on a weekly basis.
#6 Check the store paper:  Every grocery store has a newspaper with their ad.  Check this out because you will find that on occasions that they have coupons, as well as special offers right in there.  Some stores even have great coupons for those that have their credit card or club card.  I would advise that you sign up for things like this.
By following these 6 steps, you should be able to save each and every time.  As you can see, it’s going to take a little bit of work, but if it’s worth saving 40%+ in the long haul, do it!
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