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GIVEAWAY ::: Amazfit Moonbeam Activity Tracker #Review Have you ever slept for ten or twelve hours but woken up tired? Or slept for a mere five hours and woken up refreshed? Why does this happen, and how can you improve your sleep quality? AmazFit wrote an amazing blog post explaining everything! Basically, they tell you about the importance of sleep quality; which can be at the heart of our mental and physical health. Then, they get into how you can improve your sleep. Basically, what all this leads to is how amazing the Amazfit MoonBeam Activity Tracker is and why you should get one. Best of all, one lucky reader has a chance to win one as well - just keep reading and then enter for your chance to win at the end of this post! What I think The Amazfit Moonbeam tracks your activity, calories burned, sleep, and enables you to program vibrating alerts for incoming calls. Unlike other activity trackers, this one balances fashion and function so you don`t have to compromise your personal style to stay healthy. The Amazfit Moonbeam uses a premium leather band and rose gold plated metal to offer you the most elegant and luxurious option for tracking activity and sleep. When my band arrived; it was elegantly packaged and I could not wait to try it. First things first, this needed to be charged. You have a USB device that you place the white disk on for wireless charging. You need to put the text side facing down on the charger in order to get a charge. This was the challenging part because there is no easily visible text. I had to go in bright light and tilt the disk in order to see any etching. That etching is the "text" they are referring to. The thing to keep in mind, is that while your device is charging, it should be removed from the watch. Also, there is a white light that will flash the whole time it is charging. Once it stops, the charge has completed. If it only blinks a couple times, you have the disk on the wrong side. Once my device fully charged I downloaded the app and paired it. This only took a couple of minutes. You will need to have your location and bluetooth on for it to find your device. Once paired, I only needed to keep bluetooth on in order to have up to date information from my MoonBean. The app is very easy to use and I can keep track of how many steps I took daily as well as my sleep. The sleep tracking is what I was most intrigued with because I can get a full night of sleep and still wake up feeling exhausted. Well, AmazFit tracks your sleep patterns and it even breaks your sleep down into light sleep and deep sleep each night. What does this mean?
  • Light Sleep: We spend the most time in light sleep during the course of each night. We count light sleep as the first two stages of non-REM sleep - so during this time, your brain is still active, but your body is starting to relax. At this point in the sleep cycle, your body will stir.
  • Deep Sleep: Deep sleep is the stage of sleep where your brain rests. This usually happens within the first few hours of sleeping, and your body doesn`t usually spend much time in deep sleep. Deep sleep can include both non-REM deep sleep (the last phase of sleep) as well as REM sleep. To feel refreshed and well-rested, it s important to receive between an hour and three hours of deep sleep each night. Pay close attention to your deep sleep time when you review your sleep on Amazfit - and work to increase the amount of time spent here!
Amazfit tracks light and deep sleep by the subtle movements that occur through the night. So while true sleep stages are detected by brain wave activity, we do our best to approximate light and deep sleep with the movement in your arms (or neck, if you are using Amazfit as a necklace). In the course of each sleep cycle, the entire process of going from non-REM sleep to REM sleep stages takes 90 minutes on average. Being interrupted at any point in the middle of a sleep cycle can cause you to wake up feeling tired - and  this is another reason why you may sometimes wake up after sleeping 8 hours feeling groggy! Learning those facts, thanks to AmazFit, really explained a lot to me. Looking at my patterns over the past few days, I only get an hour or just under an hour of deep sleep! On top of watching steps, calories and sleep patterns, the MoonBeam also allows you to add on silent vibration alerts for call notifications and alarms. So if you want to wake up more naturally without a loud sounding alarm, you can do so. Plus, if you`re not by your phone, you can still get notifications of an incoming call. While you cannot take your call using the MoonBeam, this is useful so you don`t have to keep your phone on you at all times. Another awesome feature is that it is water resistant up to 3 feet and 30 minutes with PI68 rating. Now I was nervous to try this feature, however, I gave it the shower test. I`m too nervous to wear it in the bath tub still since past trackers were not water resistant and I great up being told to keep all electronics away from the water. However, in the shower, I washed my hair and bathed as I normally would for a good 15-20 minutes. The tracker got soaked, yet, it still continued to work! No special care was needed after it got wet. I just dried off as usual, dried the tracker off as well and went about my evening. I really like how the water didn`t absorb into the band of the tracker either. Rather, it beaded and rolled off. To me, that just shows quality and that it will last. Overall, this is such an awesome tracker and much cooler than ones I have used in the past. While it has no LCD or display, I don`t feel like I`m advertising my health goals to the world. I feel like I`m wearing a watch or a fashion piece. Yes, everything is kept track through their app, but from what I`m noticing it`s pretty accurate and it stays connected. I have had no issues with it collecting and transferring the data. To top it off, it also has a long, 10-day, battery life so you don`t have to take it off and charge it every day. In fact, my app will give a notification to let me know that the battery is low so I can put it on the charger for a little while. The ceramic core tracking unit has been optimized to the extreme. Each piece is carefully crafted, has undergone 30 manufacturing procedures, polished over 120,000 times, and heated at 2642°F to achieve the perfect shine and luster. The light 0.5 oz weight, 10-day battery life, and high water-resistance make Amazfit the perfect 24-hour companion for seamless and comfortable health tracking. Do I recommend it? Absolutely! Don`t want to wait for the giveaway to end? You can grab one for yourself for just $79.99! BUYNOW_ClosetSamples  
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