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Wow! Where to start?! I don’t even remember how I discovered Swagbucks, but I know I have been with them for what seems like forever. At first I didn’t use them as much, but with all the searching I do on a daily basis, I figured why not?! I mean, that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to search on Google anymore, it just helps me gain points so I can redeem them for cash, prizes and gift cards very much.

When I first started, Swagbucks was only for searching to earn points. Now, you can do all sorts of things like take surveys, shop, watch videos, and some other things as well. So those earnings can come a lot faster than when I first started. Even better, if you’re a blogger, you can become an Swagbucks Influencer and earn even more! I get roughly 10,000 swagbucks per month as an influencer and that is with minimal effort on my part. (I simply do not have the time to invest).

So What has Swagbucks meant for me? It’s meant extra gas money, extra holiday shopping money – basically, extra money!

Will you get rich? Probably not, but you get paid for stuff you basically already do!

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