There are so many articles that you can find online nowadays that are all perpetuating top tips, hacks and tricks to get the inside of your home gleaming. From putting baby oil around your taps to keep them shiny, to microwaving lemons to both disinfect and keep your appliances smelling fresh, there are hundreds upon thousands of lessons that you can learn. However, whilst this is all well and good, there’s not a lot instructing you on how to keep the outside of your house in top condition. Think about it – without an outside to hold it all together, there wouldn’t be an inside. Which is more important?

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Although a lot of the pipework to your home is housed inside the walls and hidden in cupboards, there is still a fair bit outside that needs some TLC from time to time. Due to the weather, they can easily get cracked, damaged or worn away. Some can even freeze completely when it starts to get colder, so investing in heated pipe wrap could be the way forward to prevent this. Make sure that you check over all pipes thoroughly, both plastic and metal, to ensure that there is nothing untoward happening to them. If there is, get it sorted straight away. Check for leaks of both water and gas on a regular basis.



Although we may think that bricks last forever, we couldn’t be farther from the truth when making this assumption. At least, not without some sort of luck and hard work put towards maintaining them. Birds like to chip away at bricks to help their digestive system (truth is stranger than fiction, folks) and so this can mean bad news for your home. The cement holding the bricks together may also need repointing if you are living in an older house. Keeping on top of the framework of your property will ensure that you won’t be on the receiving end of bad things happening like a part of your house crumbling in.

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If you have any paving outside of your home, it’s a good idea to go over it with a hard bristled brush and a powerful house every couple of months. Not only is this good housekeeping, but it will help stop the formation of algae and moss covering, which when mixed with wetter weather conditions will provide you with the most slippery of surfaces.

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We may wipe down our windows every once in awhile, but it’s time we started looking at the panes that are housing them. There is a lot of muck which builds up on windowpanes, which is more visible if they’re white and plastic. Thankfully, all it needs is a quick wipe-down to get it all off. It may not be such an easy case with wooden panes – with this, depending on the last time it was done, they may need sanding thoroughly and a fresh coat of paint putting on them to look their best. Check for any rot that may be happening, too, and treat accordingly.




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