WARNING! False Information about Closet of Free Samples is being Spread by Misty Lowe

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HEADS UP! THIS INFORMATION IS FALSE! I’m pretty disturbed that I logged in this evening to my facebook account see a notification of a post from ..[Readmore...]


Avoid Scams on the Internet

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Almost everyone will be approached by a scammer at some stage. The internet has created endless opportunities for people that are trying to take advan ..[Readmore...]


Wells Fargo ALLOWS fraud: Employees Lie, Rude & Disrespectful ~ BEWARE!

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  Here we go with another company who does NOT care about customer service in the least bit. This may get long so just a warning.   Over a y ..[Readmore...]


Disappointing Fact about Melaleuca and Why I No Longer Trust Them

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I recently had made a post about why I left Melaleuca. I stated how I still loved their products, but they were too expensive for me to continue on. I ..[Readmore...]


{ SCAM } WARNING TO BLOGGERS: Carbon Fiber using the Closet of Free Samples Name

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Screen shot of site using our name. I just wanted to share something with y’all that really irks my nerves. As bloggers we tend to get informati ..[Readmore...]


[UPDATE] PART 2: SPAM: From (bloggers & readers beware!)

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Hi everyone! Do y’all remember the post I made a few days ago about the blogger who is spamming everyone? If you don’t remember here’ ..[Readmore...]


SPAM: From (bloggers & readers beware!)

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Just wanted to give a heads up that I have received multiple spam messages from the owner of Free Things for babies ( ..[Readmore...]


REVIEW: USAgencies vs. Geico: Why you should stick with the gecko and BEWARE of USAgencies!

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My story Let me give you the whole story here on this situation. Back in May I was finally able to purchase a “new” (used) vehicle. I had ..[Readmore...]



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So recently I had discovered on my blogger dashboard that one of my review posts I wrote a while back had been put into draft mode. I clicked and come ..[Readmore...]