WARNING! False Information about Closet of Free Samples is being Spread by Misty Lowe

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HEADS UP! THIS INFORMATION IS FALSE! I’m pretty disturbed that I logged in this evening to my facebook account see a notification of a post from ..[Readmore...]


I’m Featured on DealSpotr!!

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I often promote DealSpotr and today I’ve been featured on it! I conducted an interview with them and today is the day you get to learn a little ..[Readmore...]


How to Set CFS as Your Homepage

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When you initially open up your web browser, the very first page that you will see is called the “home” page.  Setting this to Closet of ..[Readmore...]


Overnight Stickers: $30 Off Any Order

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  Are you looking for a promotional marketing medium that breaks through the clutter of today’s competitive market place, is hard to ignore ..[Readmore...]


Help Support Closet of Free Samples (without any money!)

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  I've had several people ask me how they could help support me by using my affiliate links. Basically you're paying me, but it's not ..[Readmore...]


How to Get Free Stuff from Closet of Free Samples

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I know I’ve posted a “how to get free stuff” article before, but I wanted to do a little bit of an update and a bit more thorough. M ..[Readmore...]


Closet of Free Samples Disclosure Policy

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  Short Disclosure: Closet of Free Samples cannot be responsible for the content that the other web sites provide. is in no ..[Readmore...]



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Guess what y’all?!? I am officially married! Took the day off yesterday for the big day and I will be taking the weekend off this weekend as wel ..[Readmore...]


[NOTE] Video Tutorial on how to Navigate Closet of Free Samples

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Sometimes a visual is much better than trying to explain things in text. So here it is, the newest video tutorial on how to navigate around Closet of ..[Readmore...]


{ SCAM } WARNING TO BLOGGERS: Carbon Fiber using the Closet of Free Samples Name

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Screen shot of site using our name. I just wanted to share something with y’all that really irks my nerves. As bloggers we tend to get informati ..[Readmore...]