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I’m so glad that you decided to stop by my site. If you’re new to this site I’m sure it’s a bit confusing and overwhelming at first so I made a page to help you navigate your way around and just get you pointed in the right direction.

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I am passionate about my site, therefore I only want to bring you legit freebies and deals. My product reviews are honest to my thoughts and opinion. In fact, you can read my disclosure policy for more info on site policies if you’re interested.

Freebies and samples actually do save quite a bit of money in the long run if you actually use them. Also, did you know many of the freebies/samples mailed out also include a high-value product coupon along with them? That means if you keep an eye out for sale you can combine sale price with your coupon for savings on products you love!

I am here to help you make the most out of your money and save money whenever possible!

What You’ll Find at

  • Freebies :: I publish several posts each day featuring the newest available freebies.
  • Coupons :: I try to post daily, or almost daily, a list of the newest printable coupons available. These coupons are just like any other manufacturer coupon except you print them straight from your own computer at no cost to you!
  • Deals :: I love finding good bargains and when I come across them I share them with you! You will particularly see deals coming from and The Knot Wedding Shop a lot! Did you know you could also shop online without any money? Well, you can!
  • Product Reviews & Giveaways :: If you’re looking for legit honest opinions on products then you came to the right place. I do product reviews for companies in exchange for keeping the item(s) they send me. Regardless I state my honest thoughts on the items. Sometimes they will even throw in a giveaway for my readers to participate in to win a product of their own!

General Tips for Using

  • Visit Daily :: We update posts every day. From time to time, there may be web site maintenance which limits our posting as well as everyday life, but there’s always something new up to check out!
  • Subscribe :: By signing up for our emails newsletter you will get 1 email per day with the newest posts we have made! Most people don’t remember or think to check a web site every day, I know I don’t, so getting a daily list of things makes it easier to browse through the items you’re interested in and what you just want to skip over.
  • Enter the giveaways :: I don’t choose the winners myself, I let a website draw the winner to give all entrants a fair chance. I have had tons of winners from all over the US for my giveaways. IF you win, you get a nice full sized item 100% free! We would never ask you to pay for your prize!
  • Comment & Participate :: When you come by, leave comments on content or make topics/respond to topics in the forum. I love having my readers interact and I highly encourage it! It makes things a bit more personable and I do respond!


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  • Simply subscribe to my newsletter feed and sign up for the offers that interest you! I don’t personally send out the samples, just share where you can get them.

  • Simply subscribe to my newsletter feed and sign up for the offers that interest you! I don’t personally send out the samples, just share where you can get them.