Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with Shari Dixon’s one-of-a-kind jewelry line #Review

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It’s time to think outside the assorted chocolate-filled box when it comes to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and designer Shari Dixon has made that quest just a little simpler with her one-of-a-kind jewelry line. Featuring American-made necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, Dixon’s line of nature-inspired jewelry comes in bright, bold colors. The Hydrangea Three Leaf Cuff Bracelet, for example, showcases pops of red, white and green with jewels set in a bezel cup creating a 3-effect. If you’re searching for matching pieces, Dixon offers both adjustable and fixed-length pendants with matching cuffs, bracelets and earrings. The pieces range in price to allow something for every budget. Each piece contains natural elements like petals and starfish. The Bark Oval Adjustable Ring features real tree bark in warm, rich brown tones making the jewelry not just perfect for Mother’s Day, but a great accent for any warm-weather spring or summer event. Colors range from lavish purples and deep turquoise to softer tones like robin’s egg blue and sage. A high-gloss resin helps ensure that each statement piece not only look polished, but lasts for generation after generation (unlike that macaroni necklace you made your mother in elementary school). Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift from Shari Dixon at one of the many retailers across the United States. For a unique and beautiful way to say “I love you” with high-quality, hand-made designs, Shari Dixon hits the mark.


About Shari Dixon
Merging her graphic design training with a strong background in fashion, Shari Dixon has created a line of jewelry that is not only timeless and artistically well rounded, but stylish as well. A firm believer that women want to feel beautiful, feminine and strong all at once, her motifs incorporate natural elements and mixed media such as pressed flowers, leaves, herbs and snakeskin, immortalizing their fragile lives by sealing them in a poly resin, preserving the form and adding a spectacular glazing effect. These elements then become a handmade design combined with curious and daring color choices in a multitude of natural stones, fresh water pearls and interesting fibers. The results are whimsical and extremely unique designs of personal adornment.


I was sent a few piece from the Shari Dixon collection to check out for myself and I must say I’m impressed! As a mom of two children, recycled jewelry designer myself and a jewelry lover I can certainly appreciate unique pieces and these are full of beauty! Of the 3 pieces I received, the Scarlet Gilia Three Leaf Cuff Bracelet and the Coral Bell on Linen Paint Med. Hearts Pendant were my favorite – and of course they match! My least favorite was the LTMB Teardrop w/Triple Drops Necklace simply because it was not my style. Each piece I received used genuine flowers and were truly unique in style. I love how the piece didn’t just look pretty in the front, but had a nice design on the back of each piece as well. Also, with the cuff, I consider myself to have small wrists since the ‘average’ sized bracelet always seems to be too big. The cuff is a bit adjustable (don’t do it too much or it will wear and probably break), but it naturally fit my wrist perfectly and stayed in place without spinning. Overall Shari Dixon has some beautiful pieces that really stand out. Since I’m a person who loves flowers of all sorts my opinion may be a bit biased, but I would definitely appreciate this as a mother’s day gift and think other mothers would as well!


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