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You know what’s not fun? Doing laundry with clothes sticking together, taking forever to get clean, then come time for the drying over an hour later from a normal size load your clothes still have some moisture to them. You have got to be kidding me right?! If you’re a parent who cloth diapers your child, do you really have time to wait for dry diapers for your little one? Of course not! Thanks to Shep’s Wool Dryer Balls you can cut your drying time down!

closet of free samples review

Wool Dryer Balls are AMAZING!  Never buy another fabric softener, cut down nasty static cling and get done with the chores of laundry drying faster so you can have more time to do the things you ENJOY!

Shep’s Wool Dryer Balls save you money, energy and time by cutting the dryer’s drying time and by you not having to use softeners.  When you use 4 wool dryer balls in your dryer, you can cut up to an average of 25% off your large load drying time and cut around 30-40% off your small loads!!

Each wool dryer ball circulates to separate the clothing and get the warm dry air right down to the core of the laundry load!  The more wool dryer balls you have in your dryer the faster the drying time, softer softness and money saved. Our wool dryer balls speed up the drying time and soften up by gentle friction of the felted wool fibers against your clothing fibers.

These wool dryer balls are not made like others out there that will unravel after a month’s use!!  They contain No dyes at all and they last well over SEVERAL years in your dryer!  The original longest lasting, best priced wool dryer balls anywhere!

closet of free samples review

My thoughts:

I was sent some of the wool dryer balls as well as a FuzziBunz Elite Cloth Diaper to check out, which turned out to work well together. Normally I don’t combine reviews, but this time I’m making an exception. FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper has a slim fit and works very well. A soft waterproof layer and a soft microfleece inner layer gently touches your baby’s skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. Simply put an insert into the pocket of the diaper and put it on your baby! FuzziBunz One Size Diapers are highly adjustable to fit every baby just right. These diapers have elastic that adjusts at the legs and wait in addition to snap settings that make the whole diaper smaller or bigger.

closet of free samples review

I found that the diaper is very well made, soft and durable. It’s easy to use. I personally love how it can be adjusted as necessary to fit the baby’s bottom just right. The inserts are easy to insert or remove as well. The snaps open and close easily all while staying in place. Of course I think it’s fair to say I’m quite pleased with the quality of the diaper.

cloth diapers

So what does a cloth diaper have to do with dryer balls? Well the best thing about the diaper is it’s washable – which is how you say so much money on using cloth diapers rather than disposable ones.  After washing it, some people may choose to hang dry theirs, but I’m a dryer fan myself so of course I’d use the wool balls.

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I threw all 4 of the wool balls I was sent into my current load of laundry needing drying. I noticed after the clothes were dried, which was a slight bit quicker by the way, the wool balls were also covered with lent. While that’s not too attractive, the point is my clothes were dried quicker and they’re not spreading the fuzzies around so it doesn’t bother me in the least bit.  Not to mention it doesn’t take much effort to pull it off anyway.

closet of free samples review

In the end I found some new products I love. The wool balls work miracles when it comes to faster drying. Maybe I should get an order of 50 and really cut down on the drying time? While the diaper is an excellent, cost effective way to diaper you baby from newborn on up to potty training. I would definitely recommend both Shep’s wool dryer balls and the FuzziBunz Elite Cloth diapers. Both companies sent the products out quickly and both get my mom approval rating!

P.S. – If you have cats, hide the wool dryer balls, mine kept stealing them while I was in the process of getting ready to try them!



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